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Product Glass Shelving & Racks

Cable/Rod Suspended Glass Shelving KitsThese barely-visible props represent the cutting edge in merchandise promotion. Its a high-quality system to maximize the light and space of your selling area. It can be traditional, modern, or anything in-between. Just tell us what you want and we'll come up with a solution that will sell you and your products to a wider and more discerning market. Our minimalist approach allows your products to take the floor, the ceiling, the wall, the windows... [view more]

Cable Suspended Sloping & Angled Acrylic Shelving Kits

Cable/Rod Suspended Angled & Sloped Shelving KitsWe provide various type of glass and acrylic shelving in most popular sizes, shapes and edge finishes at very competitive prices. Our glass and acrylic are primarily used for cable and rod suspended presentations, shelves, merchandisers, collectibles, and much more. We normally carry the acrylic shelves in standard clear finish, but it also can be custom ordered as water-white, colored, tinted, or sandblasted which requires special processes and terms... [view more]

Cable Suspended Decorative Shelving Kits

Cable Suspended Decorative Shelving KitsA distinctive and well designed decorative shelving system, made exclusively from glass or acrylic, in combination with various quality-finish metal fittings. They can be completely customized to co-ordinate with any design scheme. Sets you free to totally integrate product displays, graphics and lighting, to produce the most stylish presentations... [view more]

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Printing & Signmaking Services

Custom & Semi-Custom Fabrication Services - Whether you are looking for a modern designed showcase, a unique sign or a sophisticated donor recognition wall display, we can accommodate your every need ...

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