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Versa-Module Display Kits

Versa-Module Display KitsA compact, lightweight floor display stand that supports individual acrylic pockets designed to display various size documents, prints, posters, photos, brochures, signage, and much more. Suspended cables are fixed into an attractive aluminum profile system that gives maximum flexibility to create unique presentations. In addition the stand can have logo and graphic panels fitted above or in the side of the structure so that a strong corporate image can be created... [view more]

Totem Display Kits

Totem Display KitsWe have designed our totem displays to be adaptable and easy to customize. All models include a pair of 10mm diameter solid stainless steel rods, a steel base, and various interchangeable acrylic accessories. Alternatively, if required, a fixed graphic element can be provided. All stands are demountable for ease storage and shipping. Acrylic pockets can be positioned at any height, and used to create single or double sided displays... [view more]

Stack-on Display Kits

Stack-on Display KitsStack-on stands are a new innovative display product with an elegant, slim look and outstanding functionality. The aluminum stands are lightweight, highly customizable, and take up the least amount of storage space. Special designed graphic panels, sandwiched clear acrylic frames, brochure holders and shelves can be inserted directly into the stand slots. They can be locked at various height and changed often to meet ne requirements... [view more]

Info-Post Display Kits

Info-Post Display KitsCreate an instant presentation to display signs, posters, leaflets, and banners. Units can be positioned exactly where required and moved whenever necessary. All information and accessories can be easy and quick changed. Ideal for use in conference rooms, reception areas, retail outlets, libraries, museums, banks, hotels, corporate offices, showrooms, exhibitions, airports, etc... [view more]

Flexi-Frame Display Kits

Flexi-Frame Display KitsThe most versatile, flexible, and innovative in design visual display systems. Suitable for a wide variety of interior design applications that hold prints, posters, graphics, literature, and much more. All frames are lightweight satin silver aluminum and can be linked together with flexible hinges to form multi-sectional units. The suspended cables within the units allow total flexibility in designing. Units can fold flat for easy storage and relocation... [view more]

Free-Style Display Kits

Free-Style Display KitsFreestyle is a new range of freestanding display units. They are designed to be positioned in window or used as an internal poster, literature or product display stand. Acrylic pockets, leaflets, shelving, graphic panels, and signage can be affixed onto the cables and positioned at any height, to create single or double sided displays. The suspended cables just clip into the channel opening and could be moved along the track to adjust to any width... [view more]

Kiosk & Screen Style Display Kits

Kiosk & Screen Style Display KitsThis cost effective system is constructed from special designed aluminum extrusions that allows the use of three or more panels to create a either portable, or permanent kiosk or screen style display. The display stands can be ordered in various heights to accommodate a wide range of applications. Ideal for displaying graphic panels, posters, artwork, or other printed materials that need to be changed out often... [view more]

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Printing & Signmaking Services - We offer photographic quality ink-jet printing for posters, graphics, and signage at very competitive prices. Printing is available on a variety of substrates: vinyl, fabric, transparencies (back-lit films), labels, or plastic stock ...

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