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Frame-less Poster Display Kits / Sandwiched Acrylic Panels

Sandwich Acrylic Poster Display KitsFrameless graphic panels are designed for displaying posters, prints, photos or fine art reproductions by "sandwiching" them between two pieces of acrylic or glass. The thickness, shape and type of panels may very depending on the desired effect. The panels are mounted to walls using our panel supports. These allow the graphic to be easily changed. Select from standard clear acrylic, non-glare (non-reflective), color, frosted, or textured acrylic that are available on request... [view more]

Double-depth Graphic Display Kits / Sandwiched Acrylic Panels

Double-Depth Poster Display Kits – We have created a new series of acrylic poster frames with a double-depth feature. With a stunning, modern look they are ideal for displaying art prints, posters, or photography. The base supports are attached to the wall and hold a frosted acrylic panel that works as a background screen. The front supports hold a sandwich of two clear acrylic panels together to trap a poster, graphic or photo. This allows the graphic to be easily changed... [view more]

Butted Graphic Panels Kits

Butted Graphic Panels Display KitsA graphic display in which multiple panels are butted closely together using just one fitting centrally instead of four. Panels are mounted to walls using supports with special four way connectors. These allow multiple posters or graphic prints to be displayed as a single large mural, a well thought graphic composition, or backdrop. Supports can hold up to 1/4” thick panels or two sandwich pieces of 1/8” thick acrylic with a poster of graphic print mounted in between... [view more]

Cable/Rod Suspended Poster Display Kits

Cable/Rod Suspended Poster Display KitsA display system comprising a transparent non-glare acrylic display face, a clear or opaque back panel, few metal fittings for securing the front within the frame detail for pressing a sheet to be displayed flush against the display face, and a set of spaced apart cables or rods mounted into a wall to wall or ceiling to floor configuration. These very modern clear frames are ideal for displaying posters and graphics as they do not distract the eye from the artwork... [view more]

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Printing & Signmaking Services

Printing & Signmaking Services - We offer photographic quality ink-jet printing for posters, graphics, and signage at very competitive prices. Printing is available on a variety of substrates: vinyl, fabric, transparencies (back-lit films), labels, or plastic stock ...

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