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  Cable/Rod Lighting - Straight Lights, Offset Lights, Wirelights, Cantilevered Lights for Cable/Rod Display System Low-voltage Display Lighting for Cable/Rod Systems Low-voltage Display Lighting for Cable/Rod Systems  
Cable/Rod Display Lighting
Cable/Rod Display Lighting
Low-voltage display lighting designed to enhance retail and point of sale displays. The lighting works with no visible cables – power just passes via the cable/rod and the lights can be positioned at any height. Add lighting to your displays to increase visual impact... [more details]
Track Lighting Fixtures - Modular Low-Voltage Track Lights by Nova Display Systems
High-Track Lighting

A modular low-voltage track system that uses miniature spotlights to provide the ultimate flexibility in lighting design. The track can be joined together using the fixed or flexible couplers. Line voltage track heads are offered in a variety of styles... [more details]

Quick and Easy to Install - Cable/Rod light fittings are supplied in kit form complete with transformers, power connectors, supports and lamps. Connectors attach simply onto the cable/rod. Perfect contact is ensured by two grub screws. All you need to complete an installation is an electrical spur, to be positioned within 6 feet of the transformer.
No false ceiling? No problem - Ensure electrical spur is next to the transformer. Position transformer at the base of installation in a plinth, cupboard or in an artificial planter.
When ordering, don't forget to specify: Isolators top and bottom when using channel. Isolators when you have a metal floor or ceiling. Insulated cables on all exhibition installations.
High Level of Light - A continuous row of lights can be positioned side by side, thus allowing linked cable/rod presentations to be illuminated.
Style & Durability - The low-voltage track lighting fittings are well designed and have a distinctive style. They are ideal for retail shops and stores, exhibitions, art galleries, offices and leisure centers. Robust durable fittings are designed to run 24/7.
Easy to Order Kits - Quickest and easiest way to order track lighting. Select the length of track required and the number of spots and you will be supplied with everything you need, including lamps and transformers.
Safety Features - Transformers are supplied with safety features, which protect against overloading, overheating and short circuits.
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