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Price Match Guarantee at Time of Purchase

110% Price Match Guarantee at Time of Purchase ...

Nova Display Systems is committed to offer our customers quality products and services at competitive prices. We reserve the right to meet and beat any price for similar product. At the time of your purchase, we will match 110% the current pre-tax price for new, identical, immediately available product from any competitor’s in-store, or on-line advertised price. Below, we have outlined our price matching policy guidelines. To request a Price Match please call 800-753-9631

* The item must be identical and match following criteria: size, quantity, quality, material, finish, brand, style, function, color, etc.
* The item must be in stock and available for immediate purchase at that price from a US or Canada based supplier.
* We require a proof of a competitor’s pricing such as on-line store price, on-line listing, on-line ad, a quote, or a past invoice (within 3 month).
* We reserve the right to verify the validity of competitor’s advertised price, the availability, and the similarity of the item.


Price Match Policy Limits ...

Please note that a small portion of our products, such as display lights and acrylic merchandising, are excluded from our price matching policy. Also, our commitment does not apply to following:

* Non-branded, refurbished, or lower quality items.
* Items advertised as limited time, limited supply, or limited quantity.
* Special offers such as going out of business or closeout prices.

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