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Quantity Discounts at Time of Purchase

Save up to 15% on Individual Items / Quantity Discounts at Time of Purchase ...

At Nova Display Systems, we not only offer incredible products and superior service, but we also provide them at very competitive prices. Our volume discount rates are percentage base. Place an order that exceeds a certain minimum level quantity per item and receive an additional 5-15% discount.

* Quantity discounts are available on a "per-transaction" basis only.
* You may request your volume discount on any individual item or component, by placing your order via phone, fax, or using "Online Order Form".
* Quantity discounts are computed automatically when you purchase items through our "Online Store / Shopping Cart".

Discounts on Individual Items or Components (Schedule-C) ...

Below lists a table of requirements for the types of Quantity Discounts that we offer on individual items or components.

Item Quantity per Purchase (Units)

Discount Rate (%)

Place Order

1 - 100

List Price

Online / Web Store


5% off List Price

Online / Web Store


10% off List Price

Online / Web Store

250 or more

15% off List Price

Online / Web Store

Discount Limits ...

Discount limits may apply to some of the items or products, as well as to certain categories of customers that already have a specific discount level assigned to their account. Please call 800-573-9688 for details or feel free to E-mail us your inquiry.

Save up to 70% of on Clearance Items

Save 10% - 30% on Selected Items & Display Products ...

Save on discounted items and display products. Listed below you'll find coupons, current discounts and complimentary promotions on selected items, product, or display kits. You may redeem the current discount on your next qualifying purchase by calling our customer service department at 800-753-9688. Nova Display Systems reserves the right to change the discount amount at any time. Thank you for shopping with us!

Current Promotions

Promo Start Date

Promo End Date

Place Order

Coupon Code

New Item Introductory Offer - Save 25% on Cable Suspended LED Light Pockets for Windows. Place your order by phone or fax.



Phone / Web

Not Required

Save additional 30% on all items in following categories: Economy Brass Sign & Panel Standoffs. Use coupon code ND73912-EBR when placing your order by phone or fax.



Phone / Web


Promotion for New Customers - Save additional 10% on all our products. This offer is available for new customers only: per one person, company, or organization. Can only be used per one purchase, not multiple purchases on a single day or add-ons for a project ordered later. Note coupon code ND25964-NCO when placing your order by phone or fax.





Save up to 70% of on Clearance Items

Save up to 70% off on Clearance & Overstock Items ...

February 2015 - Ongoing. Save up to 70% off on Clearance & Overstock Items. To check the availability and pricing go to our dedicated "Clearance & Overstock Deals" page. Note: the overstock discount items are available for purchase by phone only. Availability and discounted prices are subject to change without prior notice. These are new Items available in stock in a limited quantity. To check the availability and place your order call our sales office at 800-753-9688..

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Optional Mailing List ...

Would you like to receive emails from Nova Display Systems about new products, support tips, promotions and special offers? You can sign up by simply filling out the online form [ E-mail Submission Form ].

Our email marketing is permission based only. If you decide to unsubscribe, you can do this at any time by clicking on the "unsubscribe" text message at the bottom of each email, or respond to that email message with a simple comment to "unsubscribe". Thank you for joining our Mailing List!

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Clearance Overstock Deals - Save up to 70% off on Clearance & Overstock Items


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Brass Sign Standoffs - Available in 1/2", 3/4", and 1" diameters Solid Brass Sign Standoffs: Clear Anodized Aluminum Standoffs, Caps, Spacers, Knobs, etc.