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Established in 2000, Nova Display Systems has earned a renowned reputation as a premier provider of high-quality visual display solutions and signage.

Over our years of operation, we have proudly supported countless satisfied customers in achieving their goals. Our display products are used in a wide variety of settings including corporate offices, government institutions, universities, colleges, financial establishments, museums, galleries, libraries, trade shows, retailers, and various commercial and residential spaces. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services to all our clients. Explore testimonials from some of our delighted customers below.

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View Our Premium Quality Display Systems

Our diverse range of display solutions, including cable/rod suspension displays, linear rail and track hanging systems, modular displays, and sign and panel supports, offers unparalleled versatility and practicality for any setting.
1.5mm Cable Display System / Components | Nova Display Systems

Cable Display

A cutting-edge suspension solution for a wide range of interior displays.

6mm Rod Display System / Components | Nova Display Systems

Rod Display

Precision-crafted for durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Rail/Track Tension Cable Display System | Nova Display Systems

Rail/Track Display

An elegant and sophisticated solution for hanging displays on horizontal rails.

Premium Quality Brass Sign/Panel Standoff Supports | Nova Display Systems

Sign/Panel Support

A versatile support system with endless possibilities for wall display mounting.

Modular Display

A hassle-free assembly with interlocking capabilities for floor standing displays.

Nova Display Systems / Cable Suspended Glow-Edge LED Light Pockets | Nova Display Systems

Accessories for
Cable/Rod Displays

A perfect solution for showcasing posters. photos, brochures, and collectibles.

Explore Our Comprehensive Display Solutions Portfolio

We provide a diverse range of modern, high-end, and innovative display solutions, tailored for a wide array of applications
Display Solutions by Application | Nova Display Systems

Display Solutions by Application

Display Solutions by Industry | Nova Display Systems

Display Solutions by Industry

Display Solutions by Installation Method | Nova Display Systems

Display Solutions by Installation Method


Our Featured Display Products

Our top-performing display solutions trusted by businesses across industries
Our acrylic display frames are designed with quality and elegance in mind and are simple to assemble and install. Frames are available in few range of styles and standard sizes or customized to your exact specifications…
Cable/rod suspended easy access pockets are a quick and easy way to create high impact poster and information displays. Standard kits are available in wall-mounted or ceiling-to-floor suspended configurations…
Stylish hanging displays that consist of horizontal rails, either wall or ceiling mounted, and a series of vertical cable/ rod suspensions with adjustable fittings to support pictures, artwork, photos and graphics…
Wall mounted hook-on rod acrylic holders for printed inserts are a great new way to display information on walls. The clear acrylic pockets are designed with a special molded top that can hook onto the horizontal rods…
Cable/rod suspended acrylic and glass shelves and specialty acrylic cases. Ideal for displaying collectibles, merchandise, and promotional products in windows, interiors, showrooms, or inside the glass cabinets…

Popular Display Solutions and Ideas

Multi-Pocket Photo Display with Cable/Rod System | Nova Display Systems

Multi-Pocket Photo Display with Cable/Rod System

Cable/rod suspended multi-pocket easy access holders are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, designed for side-by-side display of multiple inserts like pictures, signs, or graphics... Read More ❯

Easy Access Info/Poster Display with Cable/Rod System | Nova Display Systems

Easy Access Info/Poster Display with Cable/Rod System

Cable/rod suspended easy access pockets provide a quick, easy way to create high-impact poster and information displays. The precision laser-cut, pre-folded acrylic pockets/holders accommodate various inserts... Read More ❯

Hook-on Acrylic Info/Poster Display for Walls | Nova Display Systems

Hook-on Acrylic Info/Poster Display for Walls

Wall mounted hook-on rod acrylic insert holders are a great new way to display information on walls. The clear acrylic pockets are designed with a special molded top that can hook onto the horizontal rods... Read More ❯

Hook-on Info/Photo Display with Aluminum Frames | Nova Display Systems

Hook-on Info/Photo Display with Aluminum Frames

Specially designed snap-open aluminum frames, mounted to walls with a 6mm or 10mm horizontal rod support system, provide the perfect solution for displaying photos, certificates, and frequently updated documents... Read More ❯

Frameless Acrylic Poster Frames | Nova Display Systems

Frameless Acrylic Poster Frames

Frameless acrylic poster displays offer a professional framing solution for modern and traditional interiors. Inserts are simply placed between acrylic panels and mounted using our panel standoff support system... Read More ❯

Info/Poster Display with Rail/Track Tensioned Cable | Nova Display Systems

Info/Poster Display with Rail/Track Tensioned Cable

Rail/track tension cable suspended displays offer a sleek, effective, and versatile solution. This system allows for easy, speedy updates, keeping your message immediate and impressive... Read More ❯

Display Kits — Streamlined Display Solutions | Nova Display Systems

Literature Displays with Standoff Wall Mounts

We offer standard and custom-designed literature displays crafted from clear, lightweight acrylic. These high-quality acrylic holders come as ready-to-install kits, complete with standoff hardware for easy wall mounting... Read More ❯

Cable/Rod Suspended Acrylic and Glass Shelves | Nova Display Systems

Cable/Rod Suspended Acrylic and Glass Shelves

Our cable/rod suspended acrylic and glass shelves provide an elegant, nearly invisible product display system that emphasizes simplicity, originality, and maximizes light and space... Read More ❯

Our premium display solutions are trusted by a diverse range of customers including designers, architects, engineering/construction firms, manufacturers, advertising agencies, museums, galleries, universities, colleges, libraries, banks, hotels, real estate offices, government agencies, corporate offices, and the military. Click here to see a partial list of our customers and their testimonials.
“We have ordered your poster frames several times and we have quite of few of them now. They always install well. The Graphic Design Department displays student work up on the walls, both to show other students what can be learned in our classes, and also just to add personality and color to our building...”
| Nova Display Systems
Aims Community College
“Everything was great! When I first emailed I had absolutely no idea how the process worked since our company has never used Nova before. Your representative was super helpful and quick to respond. The quotes were perfect and ordering was easy. It was a smooth process and the client loves it...”
| Nova Display Systems
Paragon Interiors
“Thanks for reaching out. Ordering and implementing NovaDisplay systems has been a breeze for us. I especially appreciate that the website is easy to navigate and the kits make it easy to spec the right parts. We use NovaDisplay in museum exhibit vitrines. I’ll share some photos to the info email...”
| Nova Display Systems
Gizmo Art Production
“Everything went very smoothly and it looks great. This wall is in clients board room and displays their professional awards. The system does everything we needed it to do and with different ways to attach things, it is very versatile. The next system the customer is planning to do is right off the office entry...”
| Nova Display Systems
Hartford Fine Art & Framing
“Thanks for following up! We were very satisfied with the Nova Display System and the display worked just as we envisioned. Please see photos below of our set up for some clothing displays that we fabricated using the cable displays. We will definitely keep you in mind for future projects...”
| Nova Display Systems
Hook Fabrication
“Everything turned out great! The displays have really improved the quality and experience of our conference room. We’ve received several compliments and appreciate the flexibility these displays offer as we can easily make image changes while maintaining a really polished, professional look...”
| Nova Display Systems
Lamp Rynearson
We utilize premium branded acrylic and plastic products throughout our fabrication process. Our standard stock materials include clear, colored, and frosted options, while specialty finishes such as satin-textured velvet or encapsulated acrylic panels are also available to meet your unique requirements.


Tailored Design and Manufacturing

Laser Cutting & Engraving | Nova Display Systems

Acrylic Laser Cutting

Our in-house laser cutting service specializes in custom acrylic parts, shapes, and other plastic components that require assembly. Our state-of-the-art laser equipment can not only cut through materials, but also partially engrave acrylic and plastic simultaneously. This enables us to create quality details, fine curvatures, and complex shapes with outstanding precision and quality... Read More ❯

Acrylic Custom Fabrication | Nova Display Systems

Custom Acrylic Fabrication

We design and fabricate a wide range of finished acrylic items, components, and accessories for cable/rod, rail, standoff, and modular display systems. Our expertise extends to custom work, allowing us to bring your unique design variations to life. We utilize a diverse selection of acrylic and plastic sheet materials, including clear, non-glare, colored, frosted, impact-resistant, and marker-board options, ensuring the perfect solution for your needs... Read More ❯

Nova Display Systems / Printing Services

Large Format Printing

For all your visual communication needs, our digital print solutions deliver exceptional quality, whether you require photographic posters, window displays, backlit graphics, or signage. We offer printing on a diverse range of media, including photo paper, polyester films, translucent films, adhesive-backed vinyl, view-through, and static-cling materials, ensuring the perfect fit for your project... Read More ❯

Nova Display Systems / Sign Making Services

Sign Making

We specialize in crafting custom interior signs, office sign directories, logo panels, plaques, donor walls, and recognition displays that harmoniously blend elegance and functionality, while also being easy to update. Our expertise lies in utilizing premium-grade sign and display systems, including cable/rod suspension, modular rail, and standoff supports, and other premium-grade materials, to ensure both exceptional quality and longevity... Read More ❯

Dimensional Letters and Logos | Nova Display Systems

Dimensional Letters

Elevate the visual impact of your display with our custom dimensional letters and logos. We fabricate flat cut lettering, logos, and special graphics using a variety of high-quality materials, including acrylic, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, and stainless steel. Whether you require letters or logos of varying sizes, depths, or colors, we can accommodate your specific needs... Read More ❯

Commitment to Excellence and High Standards

At our company, we are unwaveringly dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of product quality and providing exceptional customer support. We believe that our commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of our success, and we continuously strive to exceed customer expectations through superior products and unparalleled service.


Our dedication lies in delivering cutting-edge display solutions, top-quality fixtures, the latest signage products, and inventive display concepts to elevate your space.

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We offer pre-negotiated prices, terms, and design support for displays and signage to meet the specific needs of our State and Federal Government customers.

Nova Display Systems | Government & Military Contracts
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