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Luminous Translucent Color Acrylic Resin Panels

Luminous translucent satin matte textured acrylic sheets are not only fashionable, bold, and stylish, but they also offer designers a wide array of texture and color choices. These lightweight sheets are easy to fabricate and feature a distinctive surface that conceals scratches and fingerprints, making them an exquisite option for privacy screens, decor panels, partitions, shelves, store fixtures, furniture components, POP displays, signage, and various architectural applications. Available in a range of decorative translucent patterns, this product combines the advantages of acrylic with the appearance of delicate patterned glass, empowering designers to create innovative and visually striking displays.
Luminous® #L100-OR
Luminous® #L200-BL
Luminous® #L300-PM
Luminous® #L400-SS
Luminous® #L500-SF
Luminous® #L600-MS
Luminous® #L700-HD 
Luminous® #L800-SG
Luminous® #L900-CL
Luminous® #L1000-PA
Luminous® #L1100-BM
Luminous® #L1200-ST
Luminous® #L1300-CF
Luminous® #L1400-DN
Luminous® #L1500-PW
Luminous® #L1600-MB
Luminous® #L1700-SH
Luminous® #L1800-GL

Luminous Décors — Translucent Color Acrylic Resin Panels

Luminous translucent / light diffusing color acrylic panels are available in various dramatic colors for optimum visual impact. Panels have a matte satin surface with a light diffuser layer. They are intended for both horizontal and vertical applications such as decor screens, partitions, glazing, light installations, backdrops, and visual displays. Panels are available in 0.118” (3mm), 0.236″ (6mm), and 0.354″ (9mm) thicknesses.

Add-ons and Finishes

  • Color Combination — Customize colors by adding additional color layers. Layering is limited to three layers of color and an add-on or two layers of color and two add-ons.
  • Light Blocking — Add a light-blocking layer that creates a fully opaque panel. Use when no light transmittance is desired, such as placing a panel against an unfinished substrate, or if there is a need for privacy. Available in few neutral tones.
  • Light Diffusion — Add a translucent light diffusing layer, laminated to the back-side of panel. This additional layer helps to spread light evenly across the panel and conceal bulbs and fixtures. The light transmission film comes in matte finish and provides 60% light transmission.
  • Surface Finishes — Resin panels are available in gloss, satin, or matte standard finishes. Other finishes are available upon request.
Standard panel/sheet size is 48″ x 96”. Panels are available in 0.118” (3mm), 0.236″ (6mm), and 0.354″ (9mm) thicknesses with no special edge finishing.
  • Request Customization — If you have a special request and require customization, such as cutting panels to size or edge finishing, please use our Inquiry/Quote Request Form to contact us.
We provide two options for cutting acrylic resin panels — saw cut or CNC router cut. The saw cut provides an unfinished edge and require further hand edge finishing hand-work. Saw cut parts can be made with an eased edge and gloss/matte edge finish. Matte edge finish is less expensive than gloss edge finish. Router cutting requires approved shop drawings prior to production.
  • Saw Cut — There is no minimum fee for simple saw cutting. (Sheets of material cut in half or into quarters). The saw cutting kerf is less (0.17) providing a better yield if only saw cutting is needed. It is less expensive to have the sheets saw cut.
  • CNC Router Cut (Pencil Profile) — The pencil edge finish can only be applied with the router. This is the only edge finishing service that is not applied by hand, which makes it more economical in a lot of situations. The router cutting kerf with pencil profile is (0.80). You may get a better yield with saw cutting. Pencil Edge profile is not an option on 1/8” (eased edge is offered). Pencil edge profile starts at 1/4” gauge material.
  • Acceptable Tolerance — Length and width +.50″/-.25″ thickness ±10%
  • Terms — All architectural décor acrylic resin panels are made-to-order and 100% deposit is due at the time of order (or a 65% deposit is due before production and balance due prior to shipping.
  • Lead Time — 3 to 5 weeks

Note: Resin panels may not be available in every thickness or sheet size and varies by décor style.


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