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Partitions and Privacy Screens

For detailed product information such as component and accessory compatibility, weight-bearing limitations, part specifications, and installation guidelines — follow the links on this page. To purchase standard/stock components and accessories for your display project click on the “Order / Cart” button to be redirected to our Online Store. If you have a special request or require help with custom design and fabrication, please use our Inquiry/Quote Request Form to contact us.
Cable/rod suspended partition, room dividers, and privacy screens using architectural resin panels of various décor design are both stylish and functional. They are lightweight and easy to install and have a distinctive minimalist appearance that will compliment any interior. Use to subdivide open-plan offices and create privacy…
Modular wall partitions are an attractive, flexible and cost effective way to divide existing office space. The support aluminum frame can be floor-standing or span between floor-to-ceiling. Frames are modular and designed to install quickly and easily with no technical restraints. We cut and curve the profiles to your precise dimensions…
We provide durable and portable folding screens and free-standing partition walls that can be used as room dividers or graphic display units. The aluminum frames are lightweight and can be assembled in minutes or fold flat for easy storage. You may add as many side-by-side panels as needed to better integrate with the floor layout…

Partitions and Privacy Screens

We design sleek, durable, and functional partitioning and screening for a range of internal uses. Our range includes cable/rod suspended decorative and acoustic partitions, modular free-standing dividers, portable screens, and a variety of other screening and dividing solutions. Our cable/rod suspended partitions are a stylish and contemporary way to create privacy and divide space — use to subdivide open-plan offices, isolate meeting/waiting areas, separate passages from work areas, or use as desk dividers, and much more. We supply both the cable/rod suspension hardware and acrylic resin panels that come in a wide range of styles and finishes such as clear, frost, translucent, satinice colors, textured, or decorated with natural elements.
We also can custom produce durable and modular partition screens and dividers made of clear anodized aluminum framing. These can be freestanding, floor fixed, ceiling-to-floor fixed, wall-to-floor fixed, foldable, or portable. All modular portions are custom made to your exact requirements. Our suspended and modular partitions and screens are ideal for use across offices, retail interiors, hospitality interiors, financial environments, and exhibitions.
Key Features of Acrylic Resin Screens/Panels:
  • Clarity — Provides superior clarity and resistance to UV rays.
  • Light Transmittance — Allows up to 92% of visible light depending on décor.
  • Energy Efficiency — More energy efficient than glass.
  • Customizable — Available in various surface finishes and décor patterns.
  • Durable — Stronger than glass.
  • Long Life — Resin panels have a long life due to their durability
  • Fire Rating — Class A-C fire rating depending on the resin type.
  • Recyclable — Contains up to 60% recycled content for reduced waste.
  • Lightweight — Approximately half the weight of glass.
  • Premium Quality — High-quality defect-free resin panels ensuring premium quality.

Architectural Resin Panels / Finish Options

Natural Decors / Elements Décor Collection — Architectural Decorative Resin Panels | Nova Display Systems

Natural Décors

Metallic Decors / Elements Décor Collection — Architectural Decorative Resin Panels | Nova Display Systems

Metalic Décors

Textile Decors / Elements Décor Collection — Architectural Decorative Resin Panels | Nova Display Systems

Textile Décors

Impressions Decors — Patterned and Textured Acrylic Resin Panels | Nova Display Systems

Impressions Décors

Luminous Decors — Translucent Color Acrylic Resin Panels | Nova Display Systems

Luminous Décors

Clear, Non-Glare, Frost, and Color Acrylic Panels | Nova Display Systems

Standard Collection

  • Standard Samples — Available in 3.5”x 3.5” sizes in ¼” (.236) for $6.50 each.
  • Custom Lab Samples — Made to order in 8″ x 10″ sizes for $15 each / 10-15 days to turn around (upon customer approval of selected finishes, décor and material gauge).
  • Minimum Order Requirements — Acrylic resin panels require an order minimum of 4 (four) standard panels in 48″ x 96″ size without finishing or customizations, or minimum of 2 (two) standard panels in 48″ x 96″ size if finishing or customizations (cutting-to-size) is needed.
  • Tolerance — Length and Width +.50″/-.25″; Thickness ±10%
  • Edge-Finishing / Saw Cut — The saw cutting kerf is less (0.17) providing a better yield if only saw cutting is needed. It is less expensive to have the sheets saw cut.
  • Edge-Finishing / CNC Router Cut — The router cutting kerf with pencil profile is (0.80). You may get a better yield with saw cutting.
  • Optional Edge Finishing — The saw cut provides an unfinished edge and require further hand edge finishing hand-work.
  • Order Standard Screens — Select from standard product designs available on our online store.
  • Request Customization — We provide acrylic resin panels in custom sizes up to 48 x 96 inches. For a custom quote use our ”Quote Request Form” to provide us with dimensions and details on your project.
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