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Photo Displays

For detailed product information such as component and accessory compatibility, weight-bearing limitations, part specifications, and installation guidelines — follow the links on this page. To purchase standard/stock components and accessories for your display project click on the “Order / Cart” button to be redirected to our Online Store. If you have a special request or require help with custom design and fabrication, please use our Inquiry/Quote Request Form to contact us.
Cable/rod suspended multi-pocket easy access acrylic holders are great for displaying pictures, cards, or certificates. The advantage of the multi-pocket acrylic holder is that it requires less cable/rod mounting hardware thereby reducing the overall cost of the display…
Raised Letters & Photo Display Mounted on Rod Systems

Single-Rod Display
for Info/Photo Inserts

Display your favorite photos with this unique single-rod wall mounted display system. Easy to use and install, attractive and highly functional, the single-rod suspension system is available in both 6mm and 10mm diameter rod options and can be used in either vertical or horizontal applications…
Cable-Rod Suspended Graphic-Poster Displays

Double-Rod Display
for Info/Photo Inserts

Utilize our double-rod wall-mounted display to exhibit photography and visual media presentations in a diverse range of sizes, from small to large. Select from a broad array of acrylic poster frames or holders, with hardware mounting options offered in 6mm or 10mm diameter rods…
Easy access acrylic holders mounted directly to wall or suspended with cables between rails/tracks provide an excellent way to display multiple photos, artwork, cards, certificates, and much more. The system is versatile and flexible to allow for easy and frequent updates…
Hook-on rod acrylic holders mounted to wall with horizontal rods provide a practical solution for creating easy organized photo wall displays. They come in portrait or landscape orientation and in a few standard or custom sizes to accommodate for most photo formats…
Mount aluminum frames to wall by simply hanging them onto horizontal rods. Frames can be hanged in desired place, easily rearranged, or removed. The aluminum frames are perfect for displaying professional photos, certificates, and documents that require frequent updates…

Photo Displays

Nova Display Systems provides many creative ways to display your professional photos, illustrations, and artwork. With the use of our cable/rod display systems we can help create sleek, gallery-style, easy accessible wall displays to hold photography and other visual media presentations. Choose from easy access, hook-on, or sandwich style holders/frames crafted from 1/8” thick clear or non-glare acrylic. These are available in popular sizes including 4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, 8” x 10”, 8.5” x 11”, 11” x 14”, 11” x 17”, 12” x 18”, 14” x 22”, and up to 16” x 20”, with larger or custom sizes available upon request.

Acrylic photo frames are UV resistant, offering high clarity to enhance your photos. They are versatile, complementing any decor, and suitable for various settings such as lobbies, offices, classrooms, or showrooms. Updating your display is quick and effortless.

Installation of our acrylic and aluminum frames on horizontal rods is straightforward, requiring no special tools. Frames easily hook onto 6mm or 10mm diameter rods thanks to specially molded acrylic holder tops and hangers.

Acrylic Photo Holders/Frames Key Features:
  • Elegant — Attractive, modular, and user-friendly.
  • Easy to Update — Provides a quick and easy way to change information.
  • Extensive Range of Sizes — Available in various photo insert sizes in either portrait or landscape orientations.
  • Modular — Rods are offered in various lengths and can be joined to create taller or extremely wide display applications.
  • Functional — Simple assembly, lightweight and reusable.
  • Exclusive — The cable/rod display equipment has an upscale look.
  • Customizable — Custom frame sizes are available at no extra cost.
  • Versatile — Update your displayed photo inserts as frequently as needed.
  • Various Inserts — Works with inserts up to 135 gsm or 1 mm (1/32″) thickness (customization for thicker substrates also available).
  • Improved View — Available in both “clear acrylic” or “non-glare acrylic” as standard.
  • Less Wall Damage — Helps to avoid the damage created by hanging multiple picture frames on your wall.
  • Premium Quality — Crafted with uncompromising attention to detail, our products embody premium quality, ensuring exceptional durability, timeless elegance, and unparalleled performance.
  • Order Individual Components — Order standard components and accessories needed to create your own custom display configuration. For product detail and component lists download the PDF Product Brochures on “Product Download Pages“. Find the components you need on our online store by searching the appropriate item codes.
  • Order Bundles or Kits — Select from standard display kits and product bundles listed on our online store. Please note that kits and bundles are available only on a limited selection of products.
  • Request Customization — Use our ”Quote Request Form” to provide us with dimensions and details on your project. We will help determine the correct display size, type and quantity of cable/rod suspensions, and specify accessories that are necessary to complete your project.
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