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Display Systems and Accessories

Our diverse range of display solutions, including cable/rod suspension displays, linear rail and track hanging systems, modular displays, and sign and panel supports, offers unparalleled versatility and practicality for any setting. These systems are designed to unlock endless design possibilities, seamlessly integrating into any space to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Crafted with a minimalist and modular approach, our products boast a sleek and elegant design, ensuring not only a visually appealing installation but also a straightforward and efficient setup process. Whether you’re looking to display posters, prints, leaflet dispensers, acrylic sandwich frames, logo panels, signage, or shelves, our displays are fully customizable and reconfigurable to meet your specific needs.
Cable Displays offer a cutting-edge suspension solution that brings a touch of elegance to any interior space. Designed for versatility, they deftly accommodate a variety of display elements including posters, signage, leaflets, shelving, and showcases. With an extensive selection of fittings, these displays provide complete design adaptability and allow for swift content updates…
Rod Displays present a durable and functional support system, crafted with precision and an aesthetically pleasing finish. Featuring a high breaking strength, they are adept at bearing substantial loads, making them ideal for a multitude of suspended display applications and signage. This robust system is not only reliable but also enhances the visual appeal of any display…
Rail/Track Displays offer an elegant and sophisticated solution for hanging systems, featuring sleek horizontal aluminum rails that can be mounted to the ceiling, floor, or wall. Perfect for dynamic displays needing frequent layout adjustments, these track displays provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing for swift and effortless updates by simply moving the cables along the track…
Sign/Panel Supports embody a straightforward yet versatile design, opening up endless possibilities for mounting. Crafted from premium materials, our standoffs feature an extensive selection of finishes to complement any setting. They are perfectly suited for affixing architectural signage, directories, display panels, and more, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal…
Modular Display Systems introduce a hassle-free assembly system, ingeniously designed around a diverse range of aluminum extrusions that seamlessly interlock. This system is ideal for creating an array of structures including modular floor stands, showcases, wall displays, cabinets, furniture, kiosks, and counters, offering unparalleled versatility and ease of use…
Discover the perfect solution for showcasing posters, photos, brochures, catalogs, magazines, collectibles, and more. Our collection of display accessories spans a wide array of styles and sizes, designed to meet any display need. Compatible with cables, rods, sign supports, rail/track, and modular systems, we offer everything you need to create stunning displays effortlessly…

Display Systems and Accessories

Since 2000, Nova Display Systems has established itself as a frontrunner in the visual display industry, offering an extensive range of products including Cable Display Systems, Rod Display Systems, Rail/Track Suspended Display Systems, Sign Support Systems, Framing Solutions, and more. Our innovative display solutions have been enhancing spaces across corporate offices, government institutions, educational establishments, financial institutions, hospitality venues, museums, galleries, libraries, exhibition spaces, trade shows, real estate offices, and various commercial settings.

At Nova Display Systems, we pride ourselves on delivering modern and sophisticated display solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of applications. Whether you’re in need of individual hardware components, info/poster display and merchandising kits, or comprehensive turnkey wall displays for office or retail environments, we are at the forefront of display innovation. Our products are celebrated for their practicality, versatility, and ease of use, making them the preferred choice for professionals seeking efficient and attractive display options.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the design and fabrication of finished display products, components, and accessories that seamlessly integrate with our systems. Our offerings include but are not limited to standard and custom-designed signage, info/poster holders, literature/magazine holders, easels, bookcases, merchandise shelving, product showcases, display stands, exhibit displays, decorative wall paneling, divider screens, and a variety of display fixtures. Specializing in custom solutions, we eagerly embrace design variations to meet your unique needs and vision.

Discover the Nova Display Systems difference, where innovation meets functionality and style, transforming your space into a captivating visual experience.

Our display systems and products are synonymous with versatility and modularity, featuring well-crafted, precision-engineered designs that ensure both flexibility and stylistic adaptability. These attributes facilitate effortless setup, immediate adaptability, and cost-effective customization options, making them an ideal choice for a variety of display needs… Read More

Our display solutions are both cost-effective and practical, ensuring a robust return on investment. Designed for versatility, they can be effortlessly reconfigured or customized to seamlessly adapt to evolving environments… Read More

Our display system components are crafted from recycled metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper alloys, boasting nearly 100% recyclable content. This ensures that our components can be recycled into similar products with minimal to no loss of material or quality, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability… Read More

Project Images and Design Concepts

Browse our database for recent project photos, wall display concepts, project drafts, visualizations, and other turnkey display ideas. These valuable resources will help you find countless display solutions available for immediate and practical use.


We have curated a selection of images from our past display projects and installations for our gallery. These photographs offer diverse examples of how to craft impactful window and interior displays…

Nova Display Systems | Photo Gallery


We engage in ongoing collaboration with designers and clients to document and share insights from completed display projects. Explore this collection of displays, from initial planning and design through to installation and the final reveal...

Nova Display Systems | Case Studies


We have curated a collection of wall display concepts and unique inspirational ideas for you. Utilize our ready-to-use wall display kits to effortlessly create stylish and easily updatable displays for any type of information...

Nova Display Systems / Design Concepts
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