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Design and Customization

We provide professional consultation, design and production of custom displays, store fixtures and signage. We specialize in custom acrylic fabrication and have the ability to create a wide variety of top-quality precision made acrylic/plastic components and accessories for use in display, fixture, or sign industries — from frameless acrylic poster frames, poster holders, brochure holders, shelves, display cases, table-top displays, signs, fixtures, merchandising displays, and much more.
We specialize in design of information and product displays, signage and way-finding solutions. We provide assistance with material selection, display equipment specification and concept development…
We have the ability to take your ideas and craft them into functional, well designed and environmentally friendly display products. We manufacture display fixtures and signage for a wide variety of applications…
We use expert knowledge and the latest technology to design and manufacture custom interior signage. We will assist you with design recommendations, as well as material and hardware selection…
Whether you need photographic quality posters, window displays, backlit graphics, or signage we have the digital print solution to assist you. Printing is available on a variety of high-end substrates…
To assist you with your installation we provide detailed diagrams and instructions for most of our display systems and components. We also offer installation services through our Referral Installer Program…

Design and Customization

Nova Display Systems specializes in the design and customization of displays that showcase products and information, offering a range of options to suit different retail and office environments. Some of the popular display types include photo displays, info/poster wall displays, literature displays, window displays, product showcase displays, merchandiser displays, freestanding displays, trade-show booth displays, recognition displays and signage. Custom displays are an essential part of most office and retail businesses, allowing them to showcase products and information in a unique and engaging way.
We will assist you in specifying any part of your project and help to develop and implement your own ideas from prototype to production. We work with a highly specialized team of interior designers, contractors and other service providers who have the training and expertise to manage all the details of your project. You can get assistance by contacting our in-house design team or by requesting information about our Preferred Design Partner Program of certified architects and designers located in your area… more
We design and fabricate semi-custom and custom modular floor stands, information display stands, modular display showcases, kiosks, counters, wall partitions, trade show displays, and exhibit booths. These are fully modular, portable and customizable displays specifically designed for easy setups, quick take-downs and effortless transporting. Graphics, decorative panels, product shelves, and other accessories are held securely within vertical and horizontal profiles. All horizontal profiles are equipped with pre-installed connectors that lock into the uprights creating a durable and attractive frame system. We also cut and curve the profiles to create unique design configurations. All modular components are available in clear anodized aluminum as standard or in powder coated color finishes upon request… more
We design and fabricate finished items, components and accessories made of acrylic for use with cable/rod, rail, standoff, and modular displays systems. We also specialize in custom work and welcome any of your design variations. We use a variety of acrylic/plastic sheet materials such as clear, non-glare, color, frost, textured, UV filtering, impact resistant, or marker–board. For special orders under time constraints, we are uniquely capable of providing fast turnaround when necessary. Send your requirements and we will turn them into highly attractive working projects… more

We offer in-house laser cutting service for custom acrylic parts, shapes and other plastic components that require assembly. Our laser equipment is capable of both cutting thorough and partially engraving acrylic/plastic materials at the same time. It provides the ability to create quality details, fine curvatures, and complex shapes with outstanding precision and quality. For your convenience, we offer a variety of acrylic/plastic sheet material to choose from, such as clear acrylic, non-glare acrylic, color acrylic, frost acrylic, satinice light-diffusing acrylic, textured acrylic, UV filtering acrylic, or impact resistant acrylic. Other specialized acrylic product such as marker–board, mirror-coated, reflective, edge-lit or back-lit are also available… more

Environmental and Quality Commitment

We recognize the necessity for responsible environmental management and the conservation of our resources. We assess all new products in the early design stages to ensure that they are versatile, durable, and reusable. In the production of our items, we choose only high-quality or recyclable materials that have a low impact on the environment.


We adhere to strict sustainability guidelines and environmental practices to ensure that we preserve or impose minimal impact on the eco-systems in which we operate.

Nova Display Systems / Sustainability and Recycling


We are proud of our products and stand behind our quality workmanship. We make sure that each and every display item meets our clients stringent requirements.

Nova Display Systems / Premium Quality Guaranteed


We are always looking out for exciting partners from across various industries to help us promote our products. Learn about the benefits of becoming a reseller.

Nova Display Systems / Reseller Partner Program
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