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Modular Display Fabrication

Nova Display Systems designs and fabricates semi-custom and custom modular floor stands, information display stands, modular display showcases, kiosks, counters, wall partitions, trade show displays, and exhibit booths. These are fully modular, portable and customizable displays specifically designed for easy setups, quick take-downs and effortless transporting. Graphics, decorative panels, product shelves, and other accessories are held securely within vertical and horizontal profiles. All horizontal profiles are equipped with pre-installed connectors that lock into the uprights creating a durable and attractive frame system. We also cut and curve the profiles to create unique design configurations. All modular components are available in clear anodized aluminum as standard or in powder coated color finishes upon request.

Modular Display Fabrication and Assembly:

Modular display fabrication and assembly involves the use of modular systems and components such as aluminum profiles and connectors to create versatile and customizable display solutions. These systems typically include aluminum extrusions, connectors, and other assembly parts that allow for the construction of various display elements such as floor-stands, modular display showcases, counters, wall partitions, kiosks, trade show booths, and modular furniture. The fabrication and assembly process of modular displays may also involve the use of custom made acrylic fixtures and other display components. It offers benefits such as flexibility, reusability, and the ability to customize display solutions to fit specific design requirements.

Semi-Custom Manufacturing

We offer modular displays that are partially customized to meet your specific requirements. Most of the design and customization for semi-custom modular displays is based around a pre-existing modular framework:
  • Adaptation of existing stock components to better meet your budgeting needs.
  • Modifications of our standard display kits and designs to meet your own requirements.
  • Shorter production lead times to help meet your project deadlines.

Custom Manufacturing

We offer modular displays that are specifically tailored to meet your unique and individualized requirements:
  • Custom design and fabrication of displays based on client’s specifications.
  • Modular based manufacturing — providing product offerings with modular re-configurable options.
  • Cost-conscious manufacturing — using versatile and interchangeable components to minimize construction and installation costs.

Product Examples

Modular Displays / Range of Applications:

Manufactured out of high-grade aluminum, the extrusions used in modular displays are durable, lightweight, economical and easy to use. They are available in satin anodized finish as standard or color powder coated on request. Various interchangeable components permit the design of structures for use in various industries, not just displays. The modular system offers endless possibilities adaptable to any space — a perfect solution for any business that desires to enhance the image of their company or brand with an impressive, durable and yet affordable display system.

Modular display systems include a wide range of aluminum extrusions, available in various profile sizes and configurations such as round, oval, square, rectangle, corner and t-shaped sections. Various accessories for supporting graphic panels, product shelves and custom display cases are also available. Extrusions have at least one channel on the full length of the profile — this enables insertion of vertical panels and accessories such as shelf brackets, hinges, hanging rail supports, panel clamp supports, connectors, cable and rod fittings, standoff mounts, etc.

For larger scale projects most clients require our assistance with profile selection or component specification. If you are working on a smaller scale project and require few components, standard extrusion lengths and related accessories, then you may purchase these directly from our online store.

Aluminum modular display systems are used in a wide range of applications:

  • Floor–Standing Displays — Pre-fabricated or custom made modular floor stands for displaying posters, signs, large format graphics, literature, and product.
  • Display Shelving and Showcases — Pre-fabricated or custom made display shelves, showcases and custom designed merchandising systems for retail and in-office displays.
  • Reception Desks and Counters — Pre-fabricated or custom made lightweight and durable counters and desks that provide a reception point or work surface with lockable storage.
  • Exhibit Displays and Showrooms — Custom modular and portable trade show displays customizable to customer requirements, décor and specifications.
  • Privacy Screens and Barriers — Modern space dividing solution for creating privacy. Consist of aluminum framing that can be floor-standing or span from floor-to-ceiling.
Modular displays offer several benefits and advantages, including:
  • Customizability and Adaptability — Modular displays are highly customizable, adaptable, and easy to modify, allowing for creating endless design configurations to suit different needs.
  • Design Versatility and Functionality — Modular displays offer the flexibility to adapt to different settings, making them a popular choice for various display applications.
  • Ease of Integration and Assembly — Modular displays are easy to assemble and dismantle, they can be easily maintained by replacing, adding, or removing individual sections or components.
  • Reliability and Sustainability — Modular displays can be broken-down for storage and reused later for new projects, they can be re-used for various display project, making it a long-lasting sustainable solution.
  • Longevity — Modular displays are manufactured using high-grade materials to ensure product quality and durability.
  • Portability — Modular displays are easy to move, transport, relocate, and re-assemble into suitable structures to better fit into new environments.
  • Affordability — The modular displays flexibility to change in new structures and adapted to new needs can lead to deep-cost savings, making them a popular choice for various display applications.


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We utilize the finest branded acrylic and plastic products in the manufacturing process. Our stock materials are available in standard clear, non-glare, color, or frost. We also offer translucent, textured, UV filtering, impact resistant,  marker-board or other specialty finishes upon request.
We have developed a detailed guide to streamline the evaluation and estimation process for your custom display project, minimizing the time required for assessment. Please follow these steps to provide the necessary details, allowing us to respond promptly.
When preparing and submitting your layouts or sketches for estimating or production purposes, please use our guidelines. Ensuring the accuracy of your artwork before submission and providing detailed instructions with the correct files are of utmost importance.
Use our submission form to send graphic files for printing and sign-making, CAD files for laser cutting or any other production needs. You can also utilize this form to submit any sketches and specification pages for the purpose of obtaining a quote for your custom project.
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