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Product Showcase Displays

For detailed product information such as component and accessory compatibility, weight-bearing limitations, part specifications, and installation guidelines — follow the links on this page. To purchase standard/stock components and accessories for your display project click on the “Order / Cart” button to be redirected to our Online Store. If you have a special request or require help with custom design and fabrication, please use our Inquiry/Quote Request Form to contact us.
This elegant and barely visible product display system represents the cutting edge in merchandise promotion. It highlights simplicity, originality and maximizes the light and space of your product display area. Ideal for displaying collectibles, merchandise and promotional products in windows, interiors, or inside glass cabinets…
We provide standard and custom designed display showcases, display cubes, merchandising displays, and other specialty display fixtures made of acrylic. Our display showcases and cubes are manufactured from exceptional quality clear or frost acrylic and designed exclusively for use with cable/rod suspension systems. 
Cable/Rod Suspended Showcase Displays

Acrylic Showcase Displays
Custom Design

We specialize in custom work and welcome any of your design variations. We fabricate acrylic display cases in 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2 inch thick clear or frost acrylic as standard. Other design configurations, materials, and finish options such as satin acrylic for light diffusion, matte white, and opaque colors are also available upon request…
Cable/Rod Suspended Heavy Duty Hanging Rails

Clothes Hanging Rails
Cable/Rod Suspended

Our clothes hanging rails are are specially designed to fit onto vertical cable or rod displays. This suspended concept provides a strong and durable display with a sleek look and outstanding functionality. Hanging rails are great for displaying clothing, garments, fabrics and other merchandise in boutiques, retail outlets, or malls…
F1001 – Rod Suspended Glass Shelves for Wine and Liquor Display

Wine Display and Racks
Cable/Rod Suspended

Our cable/rod display systems are perfectly suited for creating stylish displays for collectible wine bottles and wine storage racks for both home and commercial establishments. They offer quality, versatility, and the ability to hold bottles of wine of various sizes. The system can be suspended from ceiling, wall mounted, or free-standing…
D2008 – Eyeglass Displays suspended on 10mm Rod Display

Specialty Products Displays
Cable/Rod Suspended

Cable/rod suspension systems are exceptionally well-suited for crafting of specialty product displays across a wide range of industries. Their versatility and modern aesthetic make them an ideal choice for creating iconic product displays and merchandisers in sectors such as beauty, jewelry, collectibles, optical products, and numerous other industries…

Product Showcase Displays

Nova Display Systems specializes in high-quality shelf and showcase suspension systems, featuring aircraft cables and stainless steel rods. Both options are robust, fully adjustable, and accompanied by a comprehensive selection of support fittings, including ceiling anchors, floor fixings-tensioners, wall brackets, and side clamp shelf supports, catering to design modifications or custom needs.

Our cable/rod suspended product display shelves offer a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with both traditional and modern design elements. Ideal for various applications, they can serve as open-style display shelves in kitchens, decorative partition shelving for space separations in living rooms, or space-saving storage shelving in retail environments. Their minimalist design ensures they do not obstruct light or views and can be easily reconfigured for new design layouts. We offer these shelves in kit configurations, complete with suspension hardware and a choice of acrylic or glass shelves, available in standard thicknesses of 3/16″ and 3/8″ for tempered glass, and 3/8″ and 1/2″ for acrylic, with options for thicker acrylic shelves (3/4″ or 1″) available upon request. These shelves are perfect for displaying collectibles, merchandise, photos, or promotional products in windows, on interior walls, or within glass cabinets.

Our cable/rod suspended acrylic display showcases come in various sizes and configurations, offering flexibility for stacking or staggering. These can be paired with product shelving or graphics to craft exclusive and stylish product displays. Standard designs include a 3/8 inch thick open front and back display case in clear or frost finishes, a 1/4 inch thick five-sided display case with an open front in clear or frost, and a 1/4 inch thick all-enclosed lockable display case in clear acrylic.

Additionally, our cable/rod suspension systems are perfectly suited for creating specialty product displays across various industries, enabling iconic displays for beauty products, jewelry, collectibles, garments, optical items, and much more.

Key Features of Cable/Rod Suspended Shelf and Showcase Displays:
  • Unobtrusive — Offers excellent product visibility with ample space and light.
  • Versatile Fit — Complements traditional, modern, or hybrid design schemes.
  • Easy Modification — Height adjustment and secure locking at desired positions.
  • Versatility — Mountable on walls, suspended from ceilings, ceiling-to-floor (countertops), or within display cabinets.
  • Adjustability — Easily re-configured or customized to suit evolving needs.
  • Comprehensive Accessories — Standard kits include shelves and cases in popular sizes and edge thicknesses.
  • Load Capacity— Cable/rod suspension systems are safety-rated for 264 lb (120 kg) and 441 lb (200 kg).
  • Premium Quality — Guaranteed defect-free, ensuring high-quality performance.
  • Order Individual Components — Order standard components and accessories needed to create your own custom display configuration. For product detail and component lists download the PDF Product Brochures on “Product Download Pages“. Find the components you need on our online store by searching the appropriate item codes.
  • Order Bundles or Kits — Select from standard display kits and product bundles listed on our online store. Please note that kits and bundles are available only on a limited selection of products.
  • Request Customization — Use our ”Quote Request Form” to provide us with dimensions and details on your project. We will help determine the correct display size, type and quantity of cable/rod suspensions, and specify accessories that are necessary to complete your project.
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