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Design Services

If your project requires a detailed space evaluation, codes verification, structural and architectural shop drawings, permit/bid ready drawings, or final submittals with architectural seal, then you will need design assistance from a certified architectural or interior design company. To help you locate architectural companies and certified interior designers in your area send us an email request or use the Designer/Info Request Form. We will search our database and do our best to find the right design partner for you. Please note that finding designers who are familiar with our products may not be an easy task and depends on the location of your project.
We specialize in design, planning and project development and we will assist you in specifying any part of your display project and help you develop your own idea from prototype to production. We are working with a highly specialized team of interior designers and contractors…
Our complimentary conceptual display design service is recommended for budget minded clients who need assistance in creating a functional display layout for office or store. To accomplish this our designers will utilize designs of standard stock fixtures and display kits configurations…
The Referral Designer/Partner Program is an expansion of our capabilities, providing customers with access to architectural design services from trusted and experienced partners. We maintain a list of certified architectural design firms and independent interior designers by region…

Design Services

Nova Display Systems develops innovative display designs for use in retail and office environments. We provide modular, easy-updatable, and permanent product and information displays by combining our value-engineered display systems and a variety of specialized accessories to ensure quick content updates, flexibility and relevance in various settings. We offer design services for creating functional and practical product and information wall displays by working with clients to create customized artwork that closely aligns with their product needs, brand identity, and project objective.
The cost of design services for product and information displays vary and it is influenced by several factors such as visual complexity, project size, and the design time needed for accomplishing the task. We charge reasonable hourly rates between $120 and $160 depending on the complexity of the project and the specifics of services required. The time required for files revision, modification, and re-creation generally falls under the same category of design services provided.
Info/Product Display Design / Key Elements:
Our design strategy focuses on integrating essential elements to craft engaging and impactful info/product displays that captivate customers and boost sales:
  • Minimalist and Clean Presentation — We emphasize a clutter-free and minimalist design to highlight the product’s key features.
  • Improved Aesthetics — We employ sleek, modern materials like acrylic and metal to elevate the display’s visual appeal.
  • Material Selection — We expertly blend premium traditional and contemporary materials for a display that exudes elegance, functionality, and cohesion.
  • Customization and Personalization — Our versatile materials and mounting options allow for the creation of distinctive, tailor-made displays for diverse applications.
  • Efficient Manufacturing — We continuously seek innovative techniques to streamline production, ensuring cost-effective, high-quality displays that are simple to assemble.
  • Longevity — We commit to using only top-tier materials to guarantee the longevity and enduring quality of our products.
The following information is required in order to start the design process.
  • Detailed description of your project / concept design.
  • Preliminary sketches or drafts with dimensions.
  • Interior floor plans, elevations, sketches or photos indicating ceiling heights, door and window locations, or other related details.
  • A list of landlord requirements or restrictions relevant to this project.

Note: For additional details including information on how submit the information and request a price quote and lead time follow this link… Start a Custom Project ❯

Referral Designer/Partner Program — The architectural companies and interior designers identified in the Referral Designer/Partner Program are third-party entities and are not part of Nova Display Systems. These design partners are qualified and certified, to the best of our knowledge, to engage in architectural design work with our customers. Their contact information is provided solely as a convenience to our customers. It is the customer’s responsibility to research the associated costs related to services provided, qualifications and legality of any design partner before engaging in any activity with them. Nova Display Systems assumes no liability, makes no warranty, and takes no responsibility for any design partners or the work performed by them.

Specialized Fabrication and Finishing

We use expert knowledge, computer aided design and the latest technology to custom manufacture display fixtures, furniture, display products and signage for a wide variety of applications. Our products are designed and fabricated to be fully modular and customizable and can be easily re-configured to adapt to various needs.


We specialize in high-quality photographic printing for indoor graphic applications such as posters, backlit graphics, event graphics, maps and charts…

Nova Display Systems / Printing Services


We design and manufacture interior signage, custom logos and dimensional letters from a wide range of materials such as acrylic, plastic, metals...

Nova Display Systems / Signmaking Services


We manufacture display components and fixtures, wall and window displays, modular floor-stands, and other specialty displays for office and retail environments...

Nova Display Systems / Manufacturing Services
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