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Acrylic & Glass Accessories for Cable/Rod Display Systems

For detailed product information, component and accessory compatibility lists, weight-bearing limitations, specifications and installation guidelines on Accessories for Cable/Rod & Rail Displays follow the links on this page. To purchase standard/stock components for your display project, you may start shopping by clicking on the “Order Now” button. If you have special requests or require help with a custom design or fabrication, please contact us.

Acrylic LED Light Pockets by Nova Display Systems

Acrylic LED Light Pockets

The LED Light Pockets are designed as a slim line magnetic open style frame with glowing edges. Use with suspended low voltage powered cables fitted between the ceiling and floor, or mounted inside window frames. The light pockets are supplied in a range of sizes to fit most standard poster-insert formats, and are capable of displaying graphics on the front side or both front and back sides.


Acrylic Easy Access Poster Holders

The Easy Access Acrylic Holders are designed as 1/8 inch thick clear acrylic folded style frames with side tabs. The tabs enable for cable/rod display fittings or edge–grip supports to attach for mounting purposes. Available in portrait or landscape configuration and in a range of sizes to hold letter, legal, or other standard poster–insert formats. Use as single or double sided poster frame. 


Acrylic Easy Access Poster Holders by Nova Display Systems
Acrylic Hook-on Poster Holders by Nova Display Systems

Acrylic Hook-on Poster Holders

The Hook-on Acrylic Holders are designed as 1/8 inch thick clear acrylic folded style frames with a special molded top that can hook onto the 6mm diameter rods. Rods can be mounted horizontally onto wall or suspended from cables. Available in portrait or landscape configuration and in few popular sizes to accommodate for letter, legal, or other standard poster-insert formats.


Acrylic Poster Frames

The Acrylic Poster Frames have a frameless style design that enables posters, prints, or photos to be securely displayed by “sandwiching” them in between two pieces of acrylic. They are supplied with a 1/8 or 1/4 inch clear acrylic back panel and a 1/8 inch non-glare (non-reflective) front panel as standard. The acrylic frames can be suspended on cables, rods, or mounted on wall with standoff supports. A wide range of sizes are available to suit any display requirement.


Acrylic Poster Frames by Nova Display Systems
Acrylic Sign Blanks / Nova Display Systems, Inc.

Acrylic Sign Blanks

The Acrylic Sign Blanks are designed for use with our cable/rod suspensions, sign/panel standoffs, projecting standoff supports, edge-grip supports, desktop standoffs, as well as modular display stands. They are available in a range of sizes, thickness and shapes. Standard blanks are made of clear acrylic. Color, frosted, non-glare, patterned, or textured acrylic are also available. Permanent text and graphics are applied to panels with vinyl lettering, routing, laser etching or direct-to-surface printing.


Acrylic Literature Holders

The Acrylic Literature Holders are available in single or multi-pocket configurations and in a few popular sizes to accommodate for tri–fold or letter format literature display. The 1/4 inch thick back panel enables the cable/rod display fittings or edge-grip supports to attach for mounting purpose. It provides a quick and easy way to create inexpensive, high impact cable/rod suspended or wall mounted literature displays. They are ideal for displaying catalogs, magazines, brochures, books, newspapers, post cards, and other promotional materials.


Cable/Rod Suspended Acrylic Literature Holders / Nova Display Systems, Inc.
Acrylic Display Cases / Nova Display Systems, Inc.

Acrylic Display Cases 

The Acrylic Display Cases are available in 1/4 inch thick clear acrylic case with a security lock and all enclosed style, and in 3/8 inch thick clear or frosted acrylic case with open front and back style. Available as pre-fabricated or custom fabricated cubes, showcases, or specialty display cases in many styles and sizes. We specialize in custom work and welcome any of your design variations.


Acrylic & Glass Shelves

We provide standard clear tempered glass and acrylic shelving in most the popular sizes and edge finishes at very competitive cost. Our shelves are primarily used with cable/rod suspension display systems. We ship via freight or we can pack the glass for standard small-package delivery and drop-ship directly to your desired location with no minimum order requirements. We offer quick delivery terms to complete your job quickly and reliably.


Acrylic & Glass Shelves / Nova Display Systems, Inc.
Nova Display Systems / New Product - Coming Soon

Wood Display Cases & Shelves

We design and fabricate fine hardwood custom display cases and shelves for use with our adjustable cable/rod suspension systems. These handcrafted, high-end display fixtures are ideal for displaying jewelry, collectibles, trophies, awards, gems, artifacts, miniatures, models, and much more.


Wine Racks & Trays

We provide stylish wine racks and trays crafted from acrylic, wood and other quality materials and finishes. These specialized fixtures are mainly designed for use with our cable/rod suspension display systems. They are great for showcasing private wine collections and wine selections in tasting rooms, bars, and cellars.


Nova Display Systems / New Product - Coming Soon

Project Images & Design Concepts

Browse our database for recent project photos, design ideas, display concepts and visualizations. These are great and valuable resources to help you with selecting the best suitable display systems for your own project and discover previous examples of projects to help you develop your own unique display concept.



We have selected images from prior projects and display installations. As you can see, there are literally thousands of different ways to create exciting display designs.



We have collaborated with our clients and designers to show you the different stages of various project developments from planning, designing, installation, and to completion.

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We have put together various design concepts and unique inspirational ideas for you to use as examples when creating your own display project or furniture design.