Display Solutions & Ideas

We offer display and signage solutions suitable for a variety of applications. These are simple and effective ways to display posters, photos, prints, paintings, graphic panels, brochures, signage, decorative items, merchandise, and much more. They are practical, elegant and inexpensive solutions that can demand attention and help generate more business. All of our display solutions offer modularity and can be easily re-configured to adapt to any information changes or display needs.

Cable Suspended LED Light Pockets - Illuminated Posters

Illuminated Displays

The eco-friendly LED displays are sleek, efficient and will transform your office, window, lobby, or hallway. They are frame-less and flawlessly illuminated, ensuring that your graphic is crisp and bright.

Cable Suspended or Wall Mounted Easy Access Poster Holders and Oversize Graphic Panels

Poster & Graphic Displays

We provide a variety of wall mounted and suspended display solutions for displaying posters, photographs, prints, and fine art reproductions. Easy to assemble and adaptable as your needs change.

Frameless Acrylic Poster Displays Mounted on Standoffs

Acrylic & Aluminum Poster Frames

Our display frames are designed with quality and elegance in mind and are simple to assemble and install. They are available in few range of styles and standard sizes or customized to your specs.

Cable Suspended Display mounted onto wall tracks/rails

Cable Rail-Track Suspended Displays

Stylish hanging displays that consist of horizontal rails, either wall or ceiling mounted, and a series of vertical cable/ rod suspensions with adjustable fittings to support pictures, artwork, photos and graphics.

Wall Mounted Acrylic Literature/Information Displays

Literature/Information Displays

Cable/rod suspended and wall mounted acrylic literature displays and organizers. They are available in single or multi-pocket configurations and are ideal for displaying brochures, catalogs and magazines.

Cable/Rod Suspended Glass Shelves

Product Showcase Displays

Cable/rod suspended acrylic and glass shelves and specialty cases. Ideal for displaying collectibles, merchandise and promotional products in windows, interiors, or inside glass cabinets.

Cable Suspended Signage and Logo Panels

Signage & Office Directories

Suspended, wall mounted, or free-standing facility signs that are modular and customizable. From large directory boards and maps, to uniquely designed small plaques and desktop nameplates.

Free-Style Modular Display Stand for Info/Posters and Literature

Display Stands & Exhibits

Quality, pre-fabricated and custom made aluminum modular display stands, partition walls, kiosks and exhibit booths — suitable for both temporary or permanent projects.

Modular Office Partitioning and Privacy Screens

Partitions & Dividers

A perfect, modern space dividing solution to create privacy wherever needed. It consists of cable/rod suspensions or rigid aluminum framing that can be floor-standing or span from floor to ceiling.

Project Images & Design Concepts

Browse our database for recent project photos, design ideas, display concepts and visualizations. These are great and valuable resources to help you with selection of the best suitable display systems for your own project and discover previous examples of projects to help you in developing your own unique display concept...



We have selected images from prior projects and display installations. As you can see, there are literally thousands of different ways to create exciting display designs…



We have collaborated with our clients and designers to show you the different stages of various project developments from planning, designing, installation, and to completion…

Nova Display Systems / Design Concepts


We have put together various design concepts and unique inspirational ideas for you to use as examples when creating your own display project or furniture design…