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Graphic and Laminating Vinyl Films

We exclusively utilize premium quality, high-performance vinyl films to meet all our sign production requirements. These vinyl films offer exceptional value, available in a wide range of matte or gloss colors, and are designed for extended durability, making them ideal for demanding permanent interior applications. Our selection of vinyl films is specifically engineered to capture attention with the most brilliant, visible, and legible text and graphics, ensuring that your signage stands out with striking clarity and impact. Whether you need vibrant, attention-grabbing displays or subtle, sophisticated branding, our vinyl films are tailored to deliver the perfect solution for your unique visual communication needs.
Oracal® #021
Golden Yellow
Oracal® #020
Signal Yellow
Oracal® #019
Oracal® #215
Trafic Orange
Oracal® #301
Oracal® #395
Oracal® #034
Poppy Red
Oracal® #302
Oracal® #337
Oracal® #321
Light Red
Oracal® #032
Oracal® #031
Tomato Red
Oracal® #027
Cardinal Red
Oracal® #028
Fire Red
Oracal® #304
Oracal® #305
Dark Red
Oracal® #320
Brown Red
Oracal® #307
Wine Red
Oracal® #308
French Rose
Oracal® #431
Oracal® #411
Oracal® #402
Oracal® #043
Light Violet
Oracal® #403
Limette Green
Oracal® #601
Grass Green
Oracal® #602
Shamrok Green
Oracal® #491
Mint Green
Oracal® #603
Cactus Green
Oracal® #604
Oracal® #061
Forest Green
Oracal® #605
Dark Green
Oracal® #060
S. Sea Turquoise
Oracal® #489
Blue Turquoise
Oracal® #502
Water Blue
Oracal® #503
Oracal® #608
Baby Blue
Oracal® #169
Tile Blue
Oracal® #168
Olympic Blue
Oracal® #505
Azure Blue
Oracal® #052
Marine Blue
Oracal® #509
Briliant Blue
Oracal® #150
Standard Blue
Oracal® #534
Oracal® #535
Cobalt Blue
Oracal® #065
Azurite Blue
Oracal® #164
Dark Blue
Oracal® #050
Black Blue
Oracal® #513
Loam Brown
Oracal® #801
Fawn Brown
Oracal® #802
Chocolate Brown
Oracal® #803
Light Cream
Oracal® #813
Wheat Brown
Oracal® #841
Beige Cream
Oracal® #804
Egg Shell
Oracal® #840
Oracal® #711
Platinum Grey
Oracal® #755
Traffic Grey
Oracal® #712
Steel Grey
Oracal® #756
Oracal® #076
Iron Grey
Oracal® #713
Dark Grey
Oracal® #073
Deep Black
Oracal® #701
Dull Deep Black
Oracal® #702
Arctic White
Oracal® #101
Oracal® #010

High-Performance Films

High-performance and premium quality PVC films are available in over 100 high gloss colors, plus matte black and white. These high-performance films are the industry standard for durability, cutting and weeding. Designed for use in manufacturing, architectural, transportation and general signage markings. Product list colors shown above are only approximations of the actual material. For more accurate color choices, please refer to Oracal® Color Charts.

Silver Metallic
Oracal® #090
Gold Metallic
Oracal® #091
Copper Metallic
Oracal® #092
Brushed Silver
Oracal® #A1840-S
Brushed Gold
Oracal® #A1842-S

Metalic Films

Metallic cast PVC films are designed primarily for use in a variety of non-printed decorative decals, die-cut letters and numbers, product identification and accent stripping applications. Product list colors shown above are only approximations of the actual material. For more accurate color choices, please refer to the Oracal® and Avery® Color Charts.

  • Request Customization — If you have a special request or require help with custom design, material selection, and fabrication, please use our Inquiry/Quote Request Form to contact us.
  • Revision of your layouts and preparation of an estimate may require 1-3 business days depending on the intricacy of your project:
  • All estimates are provided in an itemized format to include list pricing for individual components, custom items, packaging, shipping costs, and other related expenses.
  • Estimates are delivered to you via email in written form only; verbal estimates are not provided.

Note: Graphic films may not be available in every single color code shown above. Some colors may require special ordering.


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Specialized Fabrication and Finishing

We use expert knowledge, computer aided design and the latest technology to custom manufacture display fixtures, furniture, display products and signage for a wide variety of applications. Our products are designed and fabricated to be fully modular and customizable and can be easily re-configured to adapt to various needs.


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