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Laser Cutting and Engraving

Nova Display Systems offers in-house laser cutting service for custom acrylic panels, parts, shapes and other plastic components that require assembly. Our laser equipment is capable of both cutting through and partially engraving acrylic/plastic materials at the same time. It provides the ability to create quality details, fine curvatures, and complex shapes with outstanding precision and quality. For your convenience, we offer a variety of acrylic/plastic sheet material to choose from, such as clear, non-glare, color, frost, satinice light-diffusing, textured, UV filtering, or impact resistant. Other specialized acrylic product such as marker–board, mirror-coated, reflective, edge-lit or back-lit are also available.

Acrylic Laser Cutting / Benefits and Advantages

The benefits and advantages of acrylic laser cutting include:
  • Precision and Accuracy — Laser cutting offers quality, precision and high-speed cutting
  • Speed and Efficiency — Laser cutting process is significantly faster than CNC routing, allowing for quick production of large quantities of acrylic parts.
  • Smooth and Clean Edges — Laser cutting produces clean cuts with perfect polished edges without the need for additional post-processing.
  • Versatility — Laser cutting can create intricate shapes and designs from acrylic material that are used for various applications.
  • Improved Material Utilization and Reduced Waste — Laser cutting allows for optimized nesting of materials and can result in a significant reduction in scrap waste generation.
  • Maximum Sheet Size — Laser cutting acrylic sheet material up to 51” x 100″
  • Optimal Thickness — Laser cutting acrylic up to 1/2” thick without loosing the edge quality.
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness — Laser cutting acrylic up to 1” thick (requires edge finish).

Acrylic Laser Cutting / Product Specialties:

  • Acrylic Photo/Picture Frames
  • Acrylic Poster Frames
  • Acrylic Poster and Sign Holders
  • Acrylic Literature/Brochure Holders
  • Acrylic Dispenser and Shelves
  • Acrylic Display Stands and Easels
  • Acrylic Book/Magazine Cases and Trays
  • Acrylic Showcases and Display Cubes
  • Acrylic POP Displays
  • Acoustic Paneling
  • Acrylic Barriers and Screens
  • Architectural Models
  • Decorative Wall Panels
  • Custom Acrylic Signs and Logos
  • Custom Acrylic Fixture

Acrylic Laser Cutting and Custom Fabrication / Range of Services:

Acrylic Laser Cutting is a significant process related to working with acrylic. We use highly effective and efficient laser cutting equipment that is suitable for cutting a wide range of acrylic thicknesses. Thin acrylic can be laser cut fairly effortlessly, while the thicker materials may require additional edge finishing. Our CO2 laser cutters can cut acrylics of any type up to 1/2” thick without loosing the edge quality and up to 1” thick which require additional edge finishing. Acrylic can be processed using a CNC router or a water jet as an alternative to laser cutting. CNC routers are capable of cutting and shaping acrylic with high precision, making them suitable for various display and signage applications. Water jet cutting can also be used to create clean and smooth cuts in acrylic material, offering advantages such as providing a uniform matte/frost edge surface, minimal material wastage, and the ability to cut through thicker materials without edge distortion. Laser, CNC routing, and water jet cutting are viable options for processing acrylic, and the choice between these methods depends on the specific requirements of the project, the design intricacy, the desired edge finish, or other important factors such as time and cost… more
During the process of customization of acrylic display products, we perform a range of fabrication techniques and operations, ensuring that the final products meet the desired specifications and quality standards.
  • Acrylic Laser Cutting and CNC Routing — This involves cutting the acrylic sheets to the required dimensions with a laser cutter or CNC router.
  • Acrylic Folding and Bending — Acrylic sheets and ready parts are bent using heat or other processes to achieve the desired shape and form of the display products.
  • Acrylic Gluing and Bonding — Various parts of the display products are assembled using solvent welding (cementing) or adhesive bonding.
  • Acrylic Edge Polishing and Beveling — If necessary, the display product or parts undergo an edge finish using a diamond or flame polisher.
  • Acrylic Parts Assembly and Finishing — Ready acrylic parts and display products can also be assembled using our specially designed fixtures and hardware.
  • Acrylic Prototyping and Sampling — Involves the creation of preliminary models and samples of acrylic display products for testing and evaluation before full-scale production.


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We utilize the finest branded acrylic and plastic products in the manufacturing process. Our stock materials are available in standard clear, non-glare, color, or frost. We also offer translucent, textured, UV filtering, impact resistant,  marker-board or other specialty finishes upon request.
We have developed a detailed guide to streamline the evaluation and estimation process for your custom display project, minimizing the time required for assessment. Please follow these steps to provide the necessary details, allowing us to respond promptly.
When preparing and submitting your layouts or sketches for estimating or production purposes, please use our guidelines. Ensuring the accuracy of your artwork before submission and providing detailed instructions with the correct files are of utmost importance.
Use our submission form to send graphic files for printing and sign-making, CAD files for laser cutting or any other production needs. You can also utilize this form to submit any sketches and specification pages for the purpose of obtaining a quote for your custom project.
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