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Cable/Rod Suspended Partitions and Screens / Overview

Features and Benefits

This is a stylish and modern space dividing solution for creating privacy wherever needed. Transparency, absolute modularity and slick design are the main advantages. It combines cable/rod suspension fittings and lightweight architectural acrylic resin panels. Partitioning panels can be supplied in a variety of finishes and decors such as frosted clear, satinice colors, translucent colors for light diffusion, texture embossed, or natural elements weaved and encapsulated between acrylic sheets. The acrylic resin panels are durable and resistant to fingerprints, scratches, smudges, and can be easily cleaned. The cable/rod suspended partitions are an ideal way to subdivide open-plan offices, create privacy in meeting areas, separate passages from work areas, isolate photocopying and technical areas, and much more.

Feature / 01

Contemporary and Unobtrusive

Cable/rod suspended partitions and screens have frameless and minimalistic designs that promote daylight and transparency. Suspended acrylic resin panels that hang with a cable/rod system have an upscale and sleek modern look to complement any interior

Feature / 02

Versatile and Flexible

Acrylic resin panels are commonly used to create suspended partitions, room dividers, and decorative or privacy screens. We provide a wide selection of surface finishes, décor patterns, and cable/rod hardware mounting options… 

Feature / 03

Long Life

Acrylic resin panels have a long life due to their durability. They are shatter-resistant, light-diffusing, and resistant to fingerprints, scratches, and smudges, making them easy to clean…

Feature / 04

Tailored to Your Needs

All acrylic resin panels are lightweight, easily customizable and available in a multitude of finishes, textures and unique colors. Acrylic resin panels are supplied in standard unfinished size sheets or can be customized to the exact required size with an optional edge finish…

Feature / 05

Premium Quality

We provide premium quality cable/rod suspension hardware — available in satin chrome or stainless steel finishes…

Cleaning and Handling

Cable/Rod system components are characterized by their strength, corrosion resistance, and high durability. However, despite its high durability and corrosion resistance, some simple steps should be employed when handling and cleaning the cable/rod fittings to avoid staining and damage.
  • Storage — Cable/rod components should be stored indoors in a clean, dust- and contaminant-free environment, within dry enclosures with adequate ventilation to avoid condensation and not be in contact with any other materials.
  • Handling — Protect the cable/rods components from damage during handling, movement and installation. To avoid damage to the surface finishes, some care is needed in handling: avoid scraping against hard or sharp surfaces; do not drag or throw components on their surfaces.
  • Maintenance — Regularly clean to prevent dirt buildup. Prolonged neglect may lead to staining. Use plain water with mild soap/detergent or a non-etching chemical cleaner for effective cleaning.
  • Environmental Considerations — Cable/Rod components are suggested and warranted for interior use only.

Acrylic Accessories — When caring for acrylic accessories, it’s crucial to avoid using incorrect cleaners, as they can cause harm. Never use cleaners containing ammonia, glass cleaners, or furniture polish such as Fantastik, Tilex, Windex, or Clorox, as they can damage your acrylic. Instead, use mild soap and water or products specifically recommended for cleaning acrylic, such as Novus or other Rated Anti-Static Cleaner and Polish for Plastics. When cleaning, use micro-fiber disposable low lint cloths designed for acrylic and other plastics, and avoid using a dry cloth or your hand. Using the wrong cleaner can lead to immediate or delayed damage, weakening structural joints and causing cracking. During installation, handle acrylic with care to prevent cracking.

Acrylic resin panels used for suspended partitions are available in various décor and finishes such as matte, frost, or satin colors, light-defusing, translucent, embossed or with natural or man-made components weaved and encapsulated in between layers…

We provide standard suspension kits for cable/rod suspended partitions in finishes such as crystal clear matte, frost, matte opaque, and few satin colors for light diffusion. These suspension kits are available in few size configurations and can be easily customized based on your dimensions. To order suspended partition that require the use of architectural resin panels and other specialty décors contact us for pricing, availability, and lead-times…

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