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Sign and Panel Support Systems

For detailed product information such as component and accessory compatibility, weight-bearing limitations, part specifications, and installation guidelines — follow the links on this page. To purchase standard/stock components and accessories for your display project click on the “Order / Cart” button to be redirected to our Online Store. If you have a special request or require help with custom design and fabrication, please use our Inquiry/Quote Request Form to contact us.
Theses are durable and modular sign supports made of high-grade aluminum, brass and stainless steel. They feature a three part fitting for easy installation and durability. They are ideal for mounting signs, architectural plaques, decorative panels, frameless acrylic frames, glass framed artwork, and photographs. Sign supports are available in 12mm (1/2”), 16mm (5/8”), 20mm (3/4”) and 25mm (1”) diameter standoff sets of various lengths and include the wall plugs and M4, M6 or M8 stud-caps.
Quality, inexpensive and heavy-duty constructed standoffs for a wide variety of uses. Made from high-grade aluminum, brass or stainless steel alloys. They are supplied as two or three-part standoff sets with vinyl washers to protect the surface. Great for mounting signage, plaques, screens, and table tops. They are available in 12mm (1/2”), 16mm (5/8”), 20mm (3/4”), 25mm (1”), 30mm (1-3/16”) and 38mm (1-1/2”) diameter standoff sets of various lengths with M8 or M10 stud-caps.
Quality and solid standoffs for mounting signs and display panels that require an additional level of protection. These standoffs have a tamper proof security feature — a locking set screw on the base of the spacer that provides an excellent way to secure the front caps, therefore locking the panel in place. They provide safe and easy installation just like our regular through standoffs. Made of solid brass or stainless steel for durability and are offered in satin chrome or brushed stainless steel finish as standard.
Projecting standoffs are very practical sign and panel mounting hardware. They are ideal for mounting indoor or outdoor signs projecting outward from walls, or creating stylish decorative acrylic and glass shelf designs. They clamp to the edge of the panel so no pre-drilled holes are required. Supports are available in 16mm (5/8”), 18mm (11/16”) and 20mm (3/4”) standard diameters with standoff lengths that very from 16mm (5/8”) to 52mm (2-1/16”).
Edge-grip standoffs are ideal for mounting plaques, display panels, logo panels, signage,  donor recognition wall displays, decorative glass panels, and much more. The edge grips do not require drilling holes into substrates allowing the panel to be gripped from sides or top and bottom. Supports are available in 16mm (5/8”), 18mm (11/16”), 20mm (3/4”) and 25mm (1”) standard diameters with standoff lengths that very from 22mm (7/8”) to 55mm (2-3/16”).
Decorative screw cap supports are used for flush mounting of display panels, signage, or other finishing substrates. They are specially designed for flush surface mounting. They are made of high-grade aluminum, brass or stainless steel for durability and are supplied in a range of top quality finishes such as clear anodized, satin chrome, and brushed stainless steel. Screw caps are available in 6mm (5/8″), 19mm (3/4″), and 25mm (1″) diameters.

Sign and Panel Support Systems

Nova Display Systems offers a comprehensive selection of wall-mounted sign and panel fittings, crafted exclusively from premium-grade aluminum, brass, or stainless steel. Our standoff display components are meticulously designed and manufactured for flexibility and modularity, catering to a variety of display needs. Our range of standoff supports includes multiple diameters, sizes, and finishes, such as clear anodized, satin anodized, satin chrome, polished chrome, natural stainless, black, and brass, ensuring a perfect match for any design aesthetic.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, each material and finish is chosen for its specific application; for instance, satin and polished chrome standoffs are typically used indoors, while natural stainless steel SS304 is ideal for sterile, health-sensitive environments, and anodized aluminum standoffs are versatile for any setting.

Our sign and panel support systems are ideal for mounting a wide array of items, including artwork, photographs, award plaques, signs, directories, and decorative panels. The system features an array of fittings, such as modular standoffs, basic standoffs and spacers, desktop standoffs, projecting standoffs, edge-grip standoffs, and decorative screw caps. These are widely used in various applications across hotels, lobbies, airports, schools, museums, galleries, libraries, and more.

Our sign/panel support systems are used in a wide range of applications:
  • Frameless Graphic Panels — These are wall-mounted frames on standoff supports, designed to showcase posters, prints, photos, or fine art reproductions. They feature two acrylic layers—a clear back and a non-glare front. Standard models come with a clear backing, with options for colored, frosted, or textured acrylic available upon request.
  • Wall Mounted and Projected Signage — This option offers a unique and functional approach to indoor wayfinding signage, with permanent text and graphics applied through various methods such as vinyl lettering, routing, laser etching, or direct printing.
  • Facility Maps and Office Directories — Tailor-made for displaying custom office directories, facility maps, message boards, and specialty signage in a clear and professional manner.
  • Double-Depth Poster Display Panels — These special acrylic poster frames feature a double-depth design, combining a clear, frosted, or textured acrylic background with a front panel that holds a changeable graphic print between two clear acrylic layers, offering a contemporary display solution.
  • Butted Edge Graphic Panels — A graphic display solution where multiple panels are joined edge-to-edge using a central fitting, creating a seamless large mural or graphic composition. Supports can accommodate up to 1⁄4 inch thick panels or two 1⁄8 inch thick acrylic layers with a graphic print in between.
  • Logo Panels and Plaques — Customizable wall-mounted signage, plaques, and logo panels available in various sizes, shapes, finishes, and textures for diverse applications.
  • Architectural Paneling — Wall and ceiling-mounted decorative or light-diffusing panels that enhance the aesthetic of any space.
  • Furniture Assembly and Raised Countertops — Modular furniture and custom countertops are easily created using safety glass or acrylic resin panels supported by vertical standoffs.
  • Projecting Decorative and Product Shelving — Ideal for mounting shelves made of acrylic, glass, or wood on walls or within cabinets and showcases for an elegant display solution.
When selecting standoff fittings for your display, it’s essential to consider:
  • Strength — Evaluate the safety load limit for each attachment point, the weight capacity of each support/fitting, and the type of wall surface. Our standoffs are constructed with a solid body to ensure maximum durability and a long lifespan.
  • Finish — Our standoff fittings are crafted from solid aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, and are available in premium finishes. Options include the classic satin chrome or the timeless brushed stainless steel, both offering enduring appeal and resilience.
  • Cost — The price of sign/panel standoff supports varies depending on the material and finish, the size and diameter of the standoff, and the type of spacer used for wall mounting. Our kits come in two-part or three-part assemblies to suit different budget and design requirements.
  • Use — Always review the warranties and limitations associated with the sign/panel support system to ensure it meets your specific needs before making a purchase.

Allows multiple panels to be butted closely together using just one standoff support centrally mounted instead of four. Compatible with 1” diameter premium brass supports with front lip (WM15, WM16, or WM17)… Read More

Make a strong design statement by using one panel in front of another to create a double-depth sign. Can be achieved by joining two supports with PC31 Support Joiner/Panel Spacer to take a panel up to 6mm thick… Read More

Modular supports are supplied as a three-part fitting with a standoff spacer/barrel, a wall anchor and a front screw-cap. The screw caps/studs included with the standoff-set come with M4, M6, or M8 threads… Read More

Create a double-sided standoff support to hold two sign panels at once by using an additional screw cap mounted onto the base of the support. Great for double-sided signs or signs and graphic panels that require a back screen… Read More


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