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Maps and Charts

We offer quality large format digital output for wall maps, graphics, and charts. Various substrate materials can be used depending on the budget and required longevity of the printed piece. Most common print media for such projects are photo-base paper, polyester film, self adhesive vinyl and specialized wall paper. These enlarged maps and charts can be laminated onto acrylic panels then mounted to walls or suspended from cable/rod display systems. Larger format graphics showing maps or images of the city can be printed on wallpaper substrates and adhered to walls.

  • Request Customization — If you have a special request or require help with custom design, material selection, printing and fabrication, please use our Inquiry/Quote Request Form to contact us.
  • Revision of your layouts and preparation of an estimate may require 1-3 business days depending on the intricacy of your project:
  • All estimates are provided in an itemized format to include list pricing for individual components, custom items, packaging, shipping costs, and other related expenses.
  • Estimates are delivered to you via email in written form only; verbal estimates are not provided.


Complete our customer contact form for support with general inquiries or to ask for a price estimate on a product or service.

Display Equipment / Media and Mounting Options

Frameless acrylic frames provide a professional display solution for posters, prints, photos, and fine art. The prints are inserted between two pieces of acrylic panels with polished edges and mounted to walls using standoff supports, allowing for easy updating of graphics and prints. 
We offer specially treated photo-base print paper and polyester films in a few thicknesses and finishes. This ink-jet media provides excellent opacity, color contrast, and has anti-static qualities. Ideal for posters, display graphics, trade show graphics, and point-of-purchase displays.
Create professionally finished graphic presentations, decors, backdrops and trade show displays using our quality, high-end cable/rod suspension systems. The cable/rod fittings provide sleek, highly functional display solutions that are easy to assemble and update as more changes are needed.
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