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Modular Display Systems

For detailed product information such as component and accessory compatibility, weight-bearing limitations, part specifications, and installation guidelines — follow the links on this page. To purchase standard/stock components and accessories for your display project click on the “Order / Cart” button to be redirected to our Online Store. If you have a special request or require help with custom design and fabrication, please use our Inquiry/Quote Request Form to contact us.
Modular Display System comes with a wide variety of aluminum extrusions equipped with pre-installed connectors that lock into the vertical uprights creating a durable frame system. Interlocking capability, easy and quick assembly help to minimize construction and installation costs…
Modular display system offers many accessories — from end caps and floor bases, levelers, casters, panel/shelf supports, monitor mounts and other specialty accessories. Endless design possibilities can be achieved by using extrusions of various types and special connectors…
Lightweight and highly customizable floor-stand display frames made of aluminum profiles. Available in few standard modular configurations and frame sizes. Use to create single or multi-panel display stands for showcasing posters, literature, graphics, or products…

Modular Display Systems

Crafted from high-grade aluminum, our modular display systems combine durability with lightweight flexibility, making them both economical and user-friendly. Standard offerings come in a satin anodized finish, with custom color powder coating available upon request. Designed to support a variety of structures beyond mere displays, these systems are versatile enough for use across multiple industries. They offer limitless customization possibilities, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to elevate their brand or company image with a striking, yet cost-effective display solution.

The modular display system features an extensive selection of aluminum extrusions in various profiles, including round, oval, square, rectangle, corner, and T-shaped sections, to suit any design requirement. We also provide a wide array of accessories to accommodate graphic panels, product shelves, and bespoke display cases. Each extrusion is designed with at least one channel running its full length, facilitating the easy attachment of vertical panels and accessories like shelf brackets, hinges, rail supports, clamp supports, connectors, and mounts for cables, rods, and standoffs.

For large-scale projects, we offer expert guidance in profile selection and component specification to ensure your vision comes to life exactly as planned. For smaller projects or those requiring standard components, our online store provides a convenient platform for direct purchases.

Aluminum modular display systems are versatile and find application in various settings:
  • Floor-Standing Displays — These systems, whether pre-fabricated or custom-made, are ideal for showcasing posters, signs, large format graphics, literature, and products.
  • Display Shelving and Showcases — Pre-fabricated or custom-made display shelves, showcases, and tailored merchandising systems are well-suited for retail and in-office displays.
  • Reception Desks and Counters — Lightweight and durable counters and desks, available in pre-fabricated or custom-made options, serve as reception points or work surfaces with lockable storage.
  • Exhibit Displays and Showrooms — Custom modular and portable trade show displays that can be tailored to specific customer requirements, decor, and specifications.
  • Privacy Screens and Barriers — These modern space-dividing solutions, comprising aluminum framing, are suitable for creating privacy and can be either floor-standing or span from floor-to-ceiling.
The important factors to know about modular display systems are:
  • Flexibility — Modular display systems can be quickly adapted to changing requirements and environments.
  • Ease of Assembly — These systems are easy to assemble and dismantle, making them convenient for various display needs.
  • Maintainability — Modular display systems can be easily maintained by replacing, adding, or removing individual sections or components, ensuring longevity and adaptability.
  • Reusability — They can be broken down for storage and reused for new projects, offering a sustainable and cost-effective display solution.
  • Sustainability — Modular display systems can be reused for various display projects, making them a long-lasting and environmentally friendly solution.
  • Longevity — Manufactured using high-grade materials, these systems ensure product quality and durability.
  • Portability — Display stands and exhibition displays using modular frameworks are much easier to transport or relocate than custom-built stands, providing added convenience for various events and locations.
Used to build a wide range of display applications such as floor–standing displays, showcases, kiosks, workstations, exhibit booths, privacy screens, barriers… more
Available in various profile sizes and designs such as round, oval, square, rectangle, corner and t-shaped sections… more
Components are manufactured of high-grade aluminum alloy by method of cold extrusion. Clear satin anodized is the only standard/stock finish… more
To assist you with your project installation we have created numerous technical data sheets, install guides, and display concept layouts… more
A wide range of accessories ensure quick and easy assembly and finishing of aluminum structures and enable for greater flexibility in design… more
Comes in a variety of accessories such as end caps, floor levelers, floor bases, insert glides, side legs, panel holders, and mounting plates for table tops… more
Interlocking components are made of aluminum, steel and plastic. They have a high strength, close tolerance and a sturdy surface finish… more
To assist you with your project installation we have created numerous technical data sheets, install guides, and display concept layouts… more

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