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Our Clients

Over the years Nova Display Systems has built a wide base of satisfied customers. We are proud of the role that we have played as a business partner to our customers, contributing to their mission’s success. We are entirely committed to continuously challenging ourselves by improving our service methods, all in an effort to help you better achieve your objectives. Our customers include designers, architects, engineering/construction firms, manufacturers, advertising agencies, museums, galleries, universities and colleges, libraries, banks, hotels, real estate offices, corporate offices, and many more. Below is a partial list of our customers. Click here to see some of our clients testimonials.

Architecture, Design, Engineering and Construction Firms

Display, Graphic and Signage Companies

Banking and Real Estate Companies

Entertainment and Media Companies

Healthcare and Hospitality Companies

Information and Technology Companies

Museums and Galleries

Transportation and Manufacturing Companies

Retail and Restaurant Companies

Universities and Colleges

US Government Agencies and Military


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Customer Testimonials

We take great pride in providing exceptional service to our clients. Here are few comments from some of our satisfied customers.

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Environmental & Quality Commitment

We recognize the necessity for responsible environmental management and conservation of our resources. We assess our products starting from the planning and design stages to ensure that they are versatile and reusable, durable and made of high-quality or recyclable materials that have a low-impact on the environment.



We adhere to strict sustainability guidelines and environmental practices to ensure that we preserve or impose minimal impact on the eco-systems in which we operate.



We are proud of our products and stand behind our quality workmanship. We make sure that each and every display item meets our clients stringent requirements.



We are always looking out for exciting partners from across various industries to help us promote our products. Learn about the benefits of becoming a reseller.