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Photo Paper, Fine Art Paper and Canvas

We offer a wide variety of photo paper, fine art paper, and digital canvas to choose from. This media provides both the finest image quality, and outstanding color gamut and resolution. The polyester/cotton blend canvas is designed to withstand stretching and stapling for mounting to a frame, but care should be taken to avoid scratching the image.

Photo Paper, Fine Art Paper and Canvas

Photo Paper / Satin
Fiber-based photo paper with a smooth, reflective surface for high-quality photo printing. The satin finish is ideal for a wide range of colors and black-and-white images, including portrait photography, scenic shots, and fine art photographs.
(11 Mil), 275 gsm Inkjet Print Media
*Standard Stock
Photo Paper / Gloss
Resin-coated, glossy photo paper that is particularly good at reproducing colors and finer details. The gloss surface is great for all types of photo enlargements, including higher volumes of décor prints for corporate lobbies, hotels and retail displays.
(11 Mil), 275 gsm Inkjet Print Media
*Standard Stock
Art Paper / Textured
Bright white fine art paper with textured surface and a smooth semi-matte finish for high-quality art and photo printing. Ideal for fine-art, décor, and photo reproductions that desire a more classic or traditional look and feel, similar to watercolor paper.
(10 Mil), 260 gsm Inkjet Print Media
*Special Request
Art Paper / Velvet
Bright white fine art paper with a soft textured surface that emulates the classic look of “etching paper”. The visually pleasing, semi-matte finish of this media makes for a good choice when printing long lasting fine-art, décor, and photo reproductions.
(12 Mil), 300 gsm Inkjet Print Media
*Special Request
Art Canvas / Satin
Heavyweight, stretchable polyester/cotton blend canvas with a satin finish surface. Supports high quality printing for both high-end art reproductions and photo murals. Provides the durability and flexibility needed for a trouble-free stretching.
(20 Mil), 420 gsm Inkjet Print Media
*Standard Stock
Art Canvas / Gloss
Heavyweight, stretchable polyester/cotton blend canvas with glossy, bright-white finish surface. It maintains the finished look and feel of traditional canvas making it the ideal choice for all types of art reproductions, photos and décor applications.
(20 Mil), 420 gsm Inkjet Print Media
*Special Request
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Display Equipment / Mounting Options

We provide innovative and quality display equipment along with other accompanying services such as finishing and mounting of digital prints. There are many ways to display your art prints, photographs, posters, graphic presentations, or even maps. We offer both, from simple ‘do-it-yourself’ display kits to more complex customizable solutions created for your company’s specific needs.
Frameless acrylic frames provide a professional display solution for posters, prints, photos, and fine art. The prints are inserted between two pieces of acrylic panels with polished edges and mounted to walls using standoff supports, allowing for easy updating of graphics and prints. 
Rail/track tension cable suspended displays are sleek, effective, and versatile. It allows for easy and speedy updates of the displayed materials — making your message immediate and impressive. Ideal for suspending photographs, framed art, graphics, and posters.
We offer framing and mounting services for your posters, fine art prints and digital photographs to ensure preservation and longevity. Depending on the intent of use and duration of your display you may choose from a few available substrates, such as acrylic, styrene, aluminum, etc.
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