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Adhesive Backed Vinyl

Adhesive backed vinyl is a flexible, durable, pressure-sensitive vinyl that is water-resistant and sticks to just about any smooth surface. Vinyl media provides long-term durability, produces great photo quality images and features few finish options such as gloss, matte, semi-matte, and clear. Available with permanent or low-tack removable adhesive backing. Ideal for applications such as stickers, decals, point-of-purchase displays, window displays, and general-purpose signage.

Adhesive Backed Vinyl

Matte Vinyl
Opaque, matte vinyl with permanent adhesive, suitable for a wide range of applications such as signage, point-of-purchase displays, and murals. The bright white surface supports exceptional, high-contrast graphics with brilliant colors.
(3-5 Mil) Inkjet Print Media
*Standard Stock
Gloss Vinyl
Opaque, high-gloss finish vinyl with permanent adhesive, suitable for a wide range of applications such as signage, advertisements, point-of-purchase displays, and murals. The bright white surface captures vibrant graphic details and colors.
(3-5 Mil) Inkjet Print Media
*Standard Stock
View-Thru Vinyl
High-quality, pressure-sensitive vinyl with perforation specially designed for producing see-through window graphics. Ideal for producing eye-catching prints that do not obstruct visibility through the window. It is easy to install and remove.
(6-8 Mil) Inkjet Print Media
*Special Request
Reflective Vinyl
High quality, reliable, weather resistant reflective vinyl that provides conformability and excellent reflection even in poor visibility conditions. This film is ideal for printing commercial signage, high-quality graphics, and vehicle applications.
(5 Mil) Inkjet Print Media
*Special Request
Removeable Vinyl
Durable vinyl with opaque gloss surface designed to produce display graphics for windows, point-of-purchase, advertisements, or temporary signage. Backed by a low-tack, removable adhesive, this vinyl is easy to install and remove.
(3-4 Mil) Inkjet Print Media
*Special Request
Translucent Vinyl
Flexible, adhesive backed vinyl with uniform light-diffusion properties needed to produce colorful vibrant back-lit graphics and temporary transit advertisements. The vinyl surface is durable enough to resist scuffing, tearing, and abrasion.
(3-4 Mil) Inkjet Print Media
*Special Request
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Display Equipment / Mounting Options

We provide innovative and quality display equipment along with other accompanying services such as finishing and mounting of digital prints. There are many ways to display your art prints, photographs, posters, graphic presentations, or even maps. We offer both, from simple ‘do-it-yourself’ display kits to more complex customizable solutions created for your company’s specific needs.
Innovative suspension system designed to create stylish interior displays by incorporating posters, large prints, graphics and signage. Extensive range of fittings ensure complete design flexibility.
Stylish, reusable, and easy to use satin aluminum graphic holders that do not require any special graphic treatment — ideal for suspending promotional graphics and temporary signage.
Create an instant presentation to display signs, posters, literature, or large format graphics with our new line of modular display stands. These are lightweight and highly customizable floor-stands.
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