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See-Through and Static Cling Vinyl

See-through vinyl and static cling film are used to create both permanent graphics and temporary signage for glass windows. The perforated view-thru adhesive vinyl is popular for advertising on store front windows as well as on vehicles. The self-clinging clear film which requires no adhesive, applies quickly to glass and most smooth polished surfaces and is easily removed.

Backlit Film, See-Through, and Static Cling Vinyl

View-Thru Vinyl
High-quality, pressure-sensitive vinyl with perforation specially designed for producing see-through window graphics. Ideal for producing eye-catching prints that do not obstruct visibility through the window. It is easy to install and remove.
(6-8 Mil) Inkjet Print Media
*Special Request
Static-Cling Vinyl
Static-cling vinyl is perfect for producing window and trade-show graphics. Printed graphics do not require any adhesive and can quickly and repeatedly be installed or removed without any special tools, training, or adhesive residue removers.
(7 Mil) Inkjet Print Media
*Standard Stock
Removable Vinyl
Durable vinyl with opaque gloss surface designed to produce display graphics for windows, point-of-purchase, advertisements, or temporary signage. Backed by a low-tack, removable adhesive.  This vinyl is easy to install and remove.
(3-4 Mil) Inkjet Print Media
*Special Request
Backlit Film / Matte
Strong, matte finish polyester film with a light-diffusing back-coating for printing backlit images on either front or reverse side. The base film itself is designed not to warp, even after lengthy exposure to the heat from the light-source.
(9 Mil), 285 gsm Inkjet Print Media
*Standard Stock
Backlit Film / Gloss
Strong, warp-free polyester backlit film for printing images in high-contrast and brilliant colors. It has a gloss-coated scratch-resistant finished surface that can be printed on front or reverse. The light-diffusing coating ensures even illumination.
(9 Mil), 285 gsm Inkjet Print Media
*Special Request
Backlit Vinyl / Matte
Translucent, adhesive backed vinyl with uniform light-diffusion properties needed to produce vibrant outdoor back-lit graphics including retail signage, POP displays and menu boards. The adhesive bonds well to a wide variety of substrates.
(6 Mil), 240 gsm Inkjet Print Media
*Special Request
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