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Acrylic Sneeze Guards for Countertop

Nova Display Systems offers a variety of standard cable/rod suspended, countertop mounted, freestanding, and portable Acrylic Shields, Sneeze Guards, Protective Screens and Dividers. Our sneeze guards and shields are lightweight, modular, easy to install, and have a modern design with a clean look. They come in both standard and custom sizes and are available at very competitive prices. Ideal for use with checkout counters at grocery and liquor stores, restaurants and coffee shops, as well as office and work spaces.
Most standard units come as ready-to-install kits with suspension or mounting hardware included. You may purchase the guards as a single/main section setup or with add-on sections to extend the screen to cover wider areas. We can design and customize each individual panels to fit your counter width, create custom panels to wrap around corners, or add cut outs (pass thru openings) if needed.
There are few design styles and standard sizes to choose from. We custom manufacture in the United States with quick turn-around time for small and large quantities. We are fully equipped to meet your requirements and offer you a premium quality product. Contact us to get a quote and discuss all the details for custom-made shields. To safeguard our employees and customers, the sales of acrylic shields and sneeze guards are final as we are not accepting returns.
The key features of acrylic sneeze guards and protective screens include:
  • Material — Acrylic is a lightweight, transparent, and durable material that is easy to clean.
  • Versatility — Acrylic sneeze guards are available in few standard configurations and can be easily customizable for use as countertop freestanding options.
  • Protection — Acrylic sneeze guards act as a protective screen that helps to enhance the safety of employees and customers.
  • Visibility — Acrylic sneeze guards are optical clear and can help to ensure safe and effective interactions with customers.
  • Custom Design — Acrylic sneeze guards can be designed with custom configurations and features, such as customized height or pass-through opening.
  • Portability — Acrylic sneeze guards can be designed to be portable or fixed, by mounting them to counter or suspending them on cable/rod system.

Acrylic Sneeze Guards for Counter — Design Configurations

Our acrylic sneeze guards and protective screens screens come in few standard sizes and design configurations. Explore our range of acrylic guards and screens to discover the best solution for your specific requirements.
Acrylic Sneeze Guard with Removable Base
Acrylic Sneeze Guard Suspended on Cables
Acrylic Sneeze Guard with Side Panel Supports
Acrylic Sneeze Guard Mounted to Counter with Rods
Acrylic Sneeze Guard Mounted to Counter with Rails
Acrylic Sneeze Guard Suspended from Ceiling-to-Counter with Rods

Customizing Acrylic Sneeze Guards

We specialize in crafting custom-made acrylic sneeze guards, protective screens, and dividers tailored to suit various commercial space dividing applications, including offices, storefronts, classrooms, convention centers, hotels, and more. Our lightweight and modular sneeze guards and shields are designed for easy installation and offer a modern aesthetic with a clean look. Our range of acrylic sneeze guards and protective screens offers a multitude of design configurations to choose from, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your space. When selecting the right sneeze guard for your specific needs, several factors come into play, such as cost, decor, portability, modularity, and privacy.
  • Order Standard Screens — Select from standard product designs available on our online store.
  • Request Customization — We specialize in custom work and welcome any of your design and size variations. We provide acrylic shields and screens in custom sizes up to 60″ in width. For a custom quote use our ”Quote Request Form” to provide us with dimensions and details on your project.
  • Revision of your layouts and preparation of an estimate may require 1-3 business days depending on the intricacy of your project:
  • All estimates are provided in an itemized format to include list pricing for individual components, custom items, packaging, shipping costs, and other related expenses.
  • Estimates are delivered to you via email in written form only; verbal estimates are not provided.

Note: Please make sure you provide a valid email address, phone number, and final shipping destination. We may contact you to discuss the project via phone if we have questions.

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