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Framed Display with Rail-Track Tensioned Suspended Cables / Customizations

We specialize in custom work and welcome any of your design and size variations. For rail/track mounted displays with tensioned cable system we provide acrylic and aluminum frames in standard and custom sizes. Most frame designs for pictures and other interchangeable inserts are available in top-load insert style and are made of acrylic or aluminum profiles. Acrylic frames or shadow boxes used for displaying 3-dimensional items are custom made to order and can be fabricated in various ways. They can be top-load or front-load, have hangers or split compartments, have secure UV-protective cover and locks, or have the front entirely open. Use the Quote Request Form or the links below to provide sizes and details on your project, please note that a minimum order quantity on certain frame/box styles may apply.

Cable Suspended Acrylic and Aluminum Frames — Standard Sizes | Nova Display Systems

Cable Suspended Acrylic and Aluminum Frames — Standard Sizes

The chart illustrates the most suitable and common frame sizes used with our tensioned cable display system. Use acrylic or aluminum frames to display pictures, certificates, artwork, and photographs. Frames are available in sizes up to 22″W x 28″H.
  • Small Size Frames — Available in 8″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 11″, and 11″ x 17″ insert sizes and used with cable system to display photos/pictures.
  • Medium Size Frames — Available in 12″ x 18″, 14″ x 22″, and 16″ x 20″ insert sizes and used with cable system to display photographs.
  • Large Size Frames — Available in 18″ x 24″, 22″ x 28″, or custom insert sizes and used with cable system to display artwork or photographs.
We offer standard suspension kits in a 1.5mm diameter cable system, which include ready-crimped cables, fixings, and tensioners. The type of toggles for rails should be specified separately. Our standard kits come with 4-meter (13′ 1-1/2″) long cables, which can be shortened in place during installation at the bottom.
  • Cable Kits with Standard Toggles — For most common applications, use CA4 or C101-4M cable suspension kits with PA8 toggles. Multiple cables can be shared to create a much wider display, spanning the entire wall area by joining rails/tracks and adding as many columns or rows as needed.
  • Cable Kits with Quick-Fit Toggles — Use the CQQ quick-fit cable suspension kit for applications that require periodic adjustments or reconfiguration of your display design.
Utilize aluminum rails/tracks with a double-sided channel opening for wall-to-wall mounted display applications. Profiles are also available perforated at one or both ends for use with in-line connectors. Based on your overall display length, we determine and specify the number of sections, type of rail, and size needed. Most of our aluminum rails/tracks are supplied in 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″, or custom lengths.
  • Rail/Track Mounting to Wall — Use the MSB-25 wall bracket and PA8 toggle to mount rails/tracks directly to the wall. Position the MSB-25 bracket so the screw wall mount portion is covered by the rail (see details in install guidelines).
  • Rail/Track Joining and End Finishing — Use profiles perforated at one or both ends with in-line connectors to extend the length of your display. Additionally, use decorative end caps to finish the ends of the rail/track.

Acrylic and Aluminum Frame Mounting — Hardware Options

Tensioned cable display system provides few options for mounting the acrylic and aluminum frames with fittings available in standard satin chrome finish. Other cable components and installation accessories such as ceiling-to-floor or wall-to-wall tracks are available to ensure additional design freedom and flexibility.
  • Supports with Toggles — Use to suspend the top-load aluminum frames from sides (pre-select the orientation on the frame — portrait or landscape).
  • Supports with Boss and Screw — Use to suspend acrylic or wooden frames from sides or back.
  • Side Supports with Screw — Use to suspend acrylic or aluminum frames from sides (support is screwed onto the back).
Acrylic and Aluminum Frame Mounting — Hardware Options | Nova Display Systems

Specially designed acrylic shadow box-style frames for cable system — available in clear, frost, or satin black finished side panels and clear/non-glare front, in few design styles made to accommodate specific items, and in custom sizes…

Add-on Products and Services

We offer photographic quality printing for posters, graphics and signage at very competitive prices. Printing is available on a variety of substrates such as satin, gloss or textured photo-base paper, and polyester films.
We design and fabricate a wide range of acrylic display accessories for use with cable/rod, rail, standoff, and modular systems. We use various acrylic material type such as clear, non-glare, color, frost, UV filtering, or impact resistant. 
Add depth and enhance the visual appeal of your display with dimensional letters and logos. Depending on your requirements we will fabricate lettering, logos, and special graphics in plastic, metal, and other popular materials.
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