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Modular Partition Walls and Decorative Screens

Features and Benefits

Modular wall partitions are an attractive, flexible and cost effective way to divide existing office space. The rigid aluminum frame that supports the partitioning panels can be floor-standing or span between floor-to-ceiling. They are modular and designed to install quickly and easily with no technical restraints. Partition walls created with the aluminum frame system are customizable and reusable, allowing for easy reconfiguration as the office floor plans change. The framing system that we use comes with various profile sizes. We can also cut and curve the profiles to your precise dimensions to create unique customized configurations. All modular components are available in clear anodized aluminum as standard or in powder coated color finishes upon request.

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Modular and Flexible

Modular wall partitions are designed for easy reconfiguration and quick installation, offering flexibility to adapt to new changes and updates. They are composed of standard or custom profiles that are cut-to-size and come with attached connectors so they can be quickly put into place to create dividing walls or screens to separate specific areas…

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Fully Customizable

Modular wall partition systems are fully customizable, offering a range of styles, colors, and options to suit specific needs. For partition panels we use a variety of acrylic resin panels that come in a variety of finishes and decors such as frost clear, satinice colors, translucent colors, texture embossed, or with natural elements weaved and encapsulated between acrylic sheets… 

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Various Profie Sizes

The aluminum frames used for building partitions come in various profile sizes and configurations such as round, square, rectangle, corner and t-shaped sections. Various accessories for supporting acrylic paneling from 1/8” to 1/2” thick are also available…

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Durable and Long-lasting

Modular wall partitions are designed to be lightweight, durable and long-lasting. The acrylic resin panels use with partitions are known for its durability and resistance to scratches, chips, and discoloration, promising longevity and waterproofing capabilities…

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Quick and Easy to Install

Modular wall partitions are designed for quick and easy installation, making them a convenient solution for dividing office spaces. These partitions can be installed expeditiously, often without the need of professional expertise

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The framing profiles and components are fabricated from recyclable aluminum alloy, which can be repeatedly recycled back into similar or other products. Aluminum is one of the most recycled and recyclable materials…

Enhancing Modular Partitions with Acrylic Resin Paneling:

Integrating acrylic resin panels with modular aluminum partition systems offers unique advantages that set them apart from other options. The surface of acrylic resin panels is renowned for its exceptional durability and longevity, requiring minimal maintenance compared to alternative materials. Additionally, these panels provide a diverse range of decorative options, offering unparalleled versatility in design and a myriad of aesthetic choices to complement various interior spaces.
Acrylic panels are characterized by their superior visibility and are available in a wide array of colors and textures, making them an ideal fit for modern interiors. When combined with an aluminum framing system, they enable quick and efficient installation, rendering them a convenient and versatile choice for creating partition walls in diverse settings, including offices, stores, and other commercial spaces.
By leveraging the merits of acrylic resin paneling within modular partition systems, you can achieve both functional and aesthetic excellence, making them a compelling solution for contemporary interior design and spatial organization.
The advantages of using acrylic resin panels include:
  • Lightweight and Durable — Acrylic resin panels are lighter than glass and exhibit superior durability and impact resistance, making them a practical and long-lasting choice for various applications.
  • Versatile and Aesthetic Appeal — These panels offer exceptional transparency and translucency, allowing for the creation of stunning light diffusion and other captivating visual effects, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.
  • Flexible and Easily Customizable — Acrylic is recognized for its flexibility and effortless customizability, making it a popular option for a wide range of design and fabrication applications, providing ample creative freedom.
  • Strength and Safety — Acrylic is shatter-resistant and possesses high-impact capability, ensuring a safe choice for diverse indoor applications where safety is a priority.
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance — Acrylic resin panels are easy to maintain, clean, and polish in the event of scratches or scuffs, offering a hassle-free maintenance experience.
  • Cost-Efficient — The cost of acrylic resin panels varies based on factors such as the type of resin, panel size, thickness, and customization options, providing a cost-efficient solution tailored to specific project requirements.
The range of acrylic materials and finishes available:
  • Colors — Acrylic is offered in an extensive spectrum of colors, providing unparalleled aesthetic versatility for a myriad of applications, allowing for seamless integration with diverse design schemes.
  • Opacities — Available in various opacities, including opaque, translucent, and transparent, acrylic offers flexibility in light transmission and visual privacy, catering to specific functional and aesthetic requirements.
  • Finishes — Acrylic is available in a range of finishes, such as gloss, matte, frost, satinice, and textured, offering a diverse selection to suit different design preferences and application needs, ensuring a tailored and polished end result.
  • Request Customization — If you have a special request or require help with custom design and fabrication, please use our Inquiry/Quote Request Form to contact us.
  • Revision of your layouts and preparation of an estimate may require 1-3 business days depending on the intricacy of your project:
  • All estimates are provided in an itemized format to include list pricing for individual components, custom items, packaging, shipping costs, and other related expenses.
  • Estimates are delivered to you via email in written form only; verbal estimates are not provided.

Note: Please make sure you provide a valid email address, phone number, and final shipping destination. We may contact you to discuss the project via phone if we have questions.

Acrylic resin panels used for suspended partitions are available in various décor and finishes such as matte, frost, or satin colors, light-defusing, translucent, embossed or with natural or man-made components weaved and encapsulated in between layers…

Custom Modular Partition Walls and Screens

We provide design support and customization for various styles of modular partition walls, including completely framed wall partitions, low-profile dividing walls, freestanding post-mounted partitions, and freestanding half-wall partitions. These partition systems offer versatility in design, quick installation, and customization options to suit specific needs. Our aluminum partition framing can accommodate various acrylic resin panels up to 1/2″ in thicknesses. If you have a special request or require help with custom design and fabrication, please contact us…

Custom Modular Partition Walls and Screens | Nova Display Systems
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