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Aluminum Graphic Holders / Customizations

Choose from our range of Aluminum Graphic Holders, designed for convenience with snap open-close and easy-insert styles. Crafted from lightweight aluminum profiles, these holders are available in elegant clear or black anodized finishes. Tailored to your needs, all holders can be custom cut in widths up to 72 inches to ensure a perfect fit for your display requirements. A variety of compatible accessories are available to facilitate wall mounting or ceiling suspension of the graphic holders. To specify sizes and details for your custom project, please use the Quote Request Form or the links provided. Keep in mind that a minimum order of four pieces is required.

Aluminum Graphic Holders — Profile Options | Nova Display Systems

Aluminum Graphic Holders — Profile Options

We provide a range of graphic holder profile configurations, such as Ano-Gotcha, Ano-Gotcha Plus, and Ano-Quick, each showcasing a sleek standard clear anodized aluminum finish. These options seamlessly blend the stability and sophisticated look of aluminum with convenient quick-change features. Standard holders are offered in widths ranging from 18 to 60 inches. While the majority of holders boast a user-friendly snap-open design for easy signage changes, Ano-Quick necessitates the use of pegs for mounting graphic substrates.

Aluminum Graphic Holders — Load Options

Graphic holders are available in round or square profiles and in clear or black anodized aluminum finishes. They are durable and reusable and ideal for suspending promotional graphics and temporary signage. With a range of accessories, you can easily mount these holders on walls, windows, or ceilings.
  • Ano-Gotcha Holder — This option allows you to effortlessly snap the plastic gripper open and closed for graphic changes. It is compatible with substrates, including finishes and protective laminates, up to 80 points thick (3/32″, 2 mm).
  • AnoGotcha Plus Holder — Requires inserting the plastic gripper with the attached graphic from the side. It also works with substrates up to 80 points thick (3/32″, 2 mm), including finishes and protective laminates.
  • AnoQuick Holder — Designed to press easily onto 3/16″ thick foamboard. For rigid substrates like Sintra, utilize the AnoQuick Pegs for enhanced security. When using pegs, the minimum graphic thickness is 1/16″ (1-1/2mm or 60 pt), while the maximum thickness is 1/8″ (3mm or 125 pt).
Aluminum Graphic Holders — Load Options | Nova Display Systems

Our aluminum rails, complete with a clear plastic insert, end caps, and P02 boss for cable/rod mounting, are available in widths of 24, 36, 42, 48, and 60 inches. These rails can securely hold substrates up to 80 pt (3/32″, 2 mm) thick. For vertical cable and rod installations, additional fittings such as CS03CS03-3, RS03, or RS03-10 are required. These rails are ideal for supporting flexible or semi-rigid lightweight graphic substrates up to 80 pt (3/32″, 2 mm) thick. Please note that two holders (top and bottom) are required to hang a graphic.

Utilize our premium quality cable/rod display systems for a wide range of suspended applications, including ceiling-to-floor, above-counter, wall-to-wall, or rail/track suspensions. Our cable/rod display systems offer versatile options for mounting fabric or vinyl banner signs, with fittings available in standard satin chrome or natural stainless steel finishes:
  • Cable/Rod Suspended Graphic Holders — Utilize the cable/rod fixing kits and fittings to suspend flexible or semi-rigid banner signs using snap-on aluminum banner/graphic holders.
  • Cable/Rod Suspended Hanger — Utilize the cable/rod fixing kits and fittings to suspend flexible fabric or vinyl banner signs using horizontal rods (banner signs require top and bottom pole pockets to accommodate a 10mm diameter rod).

Add-on Products and Services

We offer photographic quality printing for posters, graphics and signage at very competitive prices. Printing is available on a variety of substrates such as satin, gloss or textured photo-base paper, and polyester films.
We design and fabricate a wide range of acrylic display accessories for use with cable/rod, rail, standoff, and modular systems. We use various acrylic material type such as clear, non-glare, color, frost, UV filtering, or impact resistant. 
Add depth and enhance the visual appeal of your display with dimensional letters and logos. Depending on your requirements we will fabricate lettering, logos, and special graphics in plastic, metal, and other popular materials.
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