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Acrylic Sign Blanks / Overview

Features and Benefits

The Acrylic Sign Blanks are designed for use with our sign/panel standoffs, projecting standoff supports, edge-grip supports, desktop standoffs, as well as cable/rod suspensions. They are available in a wide range of sizes, thickness, shapes, and finishes. Standard blanks are made of clear, frost, and non-glare acrylic. Satinice black, white, or color acrylic are also available. Permanent text and graphics are applied to panels with vinyl lettering, routing, laser etching or direct-to-surface printing. We also specialize in custom work and welcome any of your design variations.

Feature / 01

Simple and Elegant

Acrylic sign blanks and panels are available in few styles — with miter corners for a clean and classic look with more prominent sharp lines, with round corners for a smooth and solid look, and with arched sides for an alternative look that adds extra elegance…

Feature / 02

Stylish and Affordable

Acrylic sign blanks provide a simple and affordable way to create multipurpose signage that can be easily changed or updated — you may order a dozen or a hundred units and request the unique custom design or size that best suits your requirement…

Feature / 03

Quick and Easy to Install

Use with traditional wall or desktop standoff supports available in a variety of sizes and finishes. Standoff fittings are designed to make installation of blanks/panels simple and provide a quick and easy way to update or change the information…

Feature / 04

Tailored to Your Needs

Acrylic sign blanks and panels are available in various sizes and shapes and can be customized to your needs. Always cut to the exact size and style with no minimum requirements…

Cleaning and Handling

The primary issue with maintaining acrylic is the use of inappropriate cleaning agents. It’s crucial to avoid cleaners that contain ammonia, such as Fantastik, Tilex, Windex, or Clorox, as these can damage your acrylic item. For safe cleaning, opt for mild soap and water or products specifically formulated for acrylic care, like Craftics, Novus, or other anti-static cleaners and polishes designed for plastics. When cleaning, use microfiber disposable low-lint cloths made for acrylic and plastic surfaces to avoid scratches. Never attempt to clean acrylic with a dry cloth or your hand. Incorrect cleaning agents can cause immediate or delayed damage to acrylic products, including weakening of structural joints and cracking. Additionally, handle acrylic with care during installation to prevent cracking from drops.

Product Limitations

Acrylic is not as rigid as glass or metals. Large, flat acrylic sheets, if insufficiently supported, may deform permanently due to continuous loads or even their own weight. Acrylic sheet can be used at temperatures from -30°F (-34°C) up to +190°F (+88°C), depending on the application. It is recommended that temperatures not exceed 160°F (71°C) for continuous service, or 190°F (88°C) for short, intermittent use. Components should not be exposed to high heat sources such as high wattage incandescent lamps, unless the finished product is ventilated to permit the dissipation of heat. Acrylic sheet is a combustible thermoplastic. Precautions should be taken to protect this material from flames and high heat sources.

Acrylic/Plastic Cleaning Kit

Cleaner & Polisher — cleans and brightens acrylic and all hard plastic surfaces. Leaves a shiny polished surface that resists dust and fingerprints. Contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals. Cleans, glazes, and eliminates static charge all in one operation. Recommended for: Acrylic, Plexiglass, Lexan, Vinyl, Glass, and all hard plastics. Use disposable or reusable cleaning cloths… Shop Now ❯

We manufacture high-quality, upscale and personalized indoor signage for identification and way-finding. Signs that can be wall mounted, projected, suspended, or free-standing. Whether it is a small plaque, nameplate, directory, or another type of architectural custom signage — we provide solutions that will enhance your brand, identify locations, and point the way to success…

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