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Aluminum Profiles/Extrusions and Accessories / Overview

Features and Benefits

The Aluminum Modular Display System is engineered around a wide variety of aluminum extrusions equipped with pre-installed connectors that lock into the vertical uprights creating a durable frame system. Interlocking capability, speed and easy assembly helps to minimize construction and installation costs. Extrusions have at least one channel on the full length of the profile that enables insertion of panels and other accessories such as panel/shelf support connectors, hinges, cable and rod fittings, standoff mounts, etc. The modular system offers endless possibilities adaptable to any space, environment and safety requirements. Clear Satin Anodized is the only standard/stock finish. Color powder coating is also available upon request. There are a few dozen colored swatches / color options from which to choose.

Feature / 01

Modular and Flexible

The modular display system can produce an endless variety of configurations due to its high-level of flexibility. It can help create designs that are scalable, consistent, and cost-effective. Designs can also be quickly adapted to changing requirements and new environments…

Feature / 02

Easy to Assemble

The modular display system is easy to assemble and dismantle. It can be easily maintained by replacing, adding, or removing individual sections or components…

Feature / 03

Reusable and Sustainable

The modular display system can be broken-down for storage and reused later for new projects. It can be re-used for various display projects, making it a long-lasting sustainable solution…

Feature / 04


Display stands and exhibition displays using modular frameworks are much easier to transport or relocate than custom built stands…

Feature / 05

Premium Quality

The modular display system is manufactured using high-grade materials to ensure product quality, durability, and great value…

Most Popular Display Applications:

Floor–Standing Displays | Nova Display Systems


– pre-fabricated or custom made modular floor stands for displaying posters, signs, large format graphics, literature, and product.

Display Shelving and Showcases | Nova Display Systems

Display Shelving
and Showcases

– pre-fabricated or custom made display shelves, showcases and custom designed merchandising systems for retail and in-office displays.

Reception Desks and Counters | Nova Display Systems

Reception Desks
and Counters

– pre-fabricated or custom made lightweight and durable counters and desks that provide a reception point or work surface with lockable storage.

Exhibit Displays and Showrooms | Nova Display Systems

Exhibit Displays
and Showrooms

– custom modular and portable trade show displays customizable to customer requirements, décor and specifications.

Privacy Screens and Barriers | Nova Display Systems

Privacy Screens
and Barriers

– modern space dividing solution for creating privacy. Consist of aluminum framing that can be floor-standing or span from floor-to-ceiling.

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