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Edge-Grip Standoff Supports / Overview

Features and Benefits

Edge-grip standoff supports are a practical and innovative hardware solution for sign and panel mounting. The standoff capability provides a simple and elegant way for affixing various types of materials to an infinite variety of substrates such as wood, gypsum, concrete, glass, aluminum profiles, steel studs, etc. Edge-grip standoffs are ideal for mounting plaques, display and logo panels, directional and informational signage, company directories, donor recognition and corporate wall displays, decorative glass panels, and more. The edge-grips do not require drilling holes into substrates — they allow the panel to be gripped from the sides or top and bottom. These supports are manufactured of high-grade aluminum, brass or stainless steel for durability and can be used with acrylic, glass, wood or metal substrates.

Feature / 01

Simple and Original

Edge-grip standoff supports provide a valuable alternative to the standard standoffs with threaded studs. They offer the capability of mounting substrates to wall without having to put a hole in the material. Ideal for use with signage, acrylic framing, graphic panels, decorative screens, and architectural paneling…

Feature / 02

Variety of Sizes

The edge-grip standoffs for signs and panels are offered in 16mm (5/8”), 18mm (11/16”), 20mm (3/4”), and 25mm (1”) diameter standoff sets of various lengths and gripping thickness capacity…

Feature / 03

Modular and Versatile

The edge-grip standoffs for signs and panels are versatile and easy to install. They consist of quality modular components — standoff base supports of various sizes, front edge-grip caps, wall plugs, base plates, and other accessories that can be used for mounting simple signs or more elaborate designs such as architectural decorative paneling…

Feature / 04

Easy to Install

Edge-grip sign/panel standoff supports feature a two-part or three part fitting — standoff spacer, wall plug and front edge-grip cap that makes installation easier…

Feature / 05

Premium Quality

We use only premium-grade materials to ensure product quality, durability and great value. Our edge-grip standoff hardware is available in a range of sizes and finishes that will fit well in most interiors…

Most Popular Display Applications:

Frameless Graphic Panels | Nova Display Systems

Graphic Panels

– wall mounted acrylic frames designed to display posters, prints, photos, or fine art reproductions.

Wall Mounted Signage | Nova Display Systems

Wall Mounted

– distinctive way-finding and informational indoor signs with permanent text and graphics.

Logo Panels and Plaque | Nova Display Systems

Logo Panels
and Plaques

– wall mounted signage, plaques and logo panels made to custom size, shape, and finish.

Architectural Paneling | Nova Display Systems


– wall mounted decorative resin panels, light-diffusing or sound-absorbing panels.

Facility Maps and Office Directories | Nova Display Systems

Facility Maps and
Office Directories

– wall mounted office directory signage, facility maps, messaging boards, and specialty signage.

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