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Modular Sign/Panel Standoffs / Overview

Features and Benefits

These are durable and modular sign and panel standoff supports that have a wide range of uses. Their modular construction enables for unlimited design possibilities and mounting flexibility. Modular sign/panel standoffs provide an ideal solution for mounting signs, architectural plaques, logo and display panels, directories and other decorative applications. Components are interchangeable and highly customizable. They are made of high-grade aluminum, solid brass, and stainless steel for durability. These are precision-machined components capable of supporting any material, shapes or forms — providing an integral solution to any signage or panel display mounting requirements, while maintaining a consistent look throughout the installation. The modular standoff supports can also be used to create various design effects such as multi-layering, multi-paneling or double-depth mounting configurations.

Feature / 01

Simple and Original

Modular sign/panel standoff system provide a simple, unique and aesthetically pleasing design look. Ideal for use with signage, acrylic framing, graphic panels, decorative screens, and architectural paneling…

Feature / 02

Variety of Sizes

Modular sign/panel standoffs are offered in 12mm (1/2”), 16mm (5/8”), 20mm (3/4”) and 25mm (1”) diameter standoff sets of various lengths and include the wall plugs and M4, M6 or M8 stud-caps…

Feature / 03

Modular and Versatile

Modular sign/panel standoff supports are versatile, sturdy and easy to install. They consist of quality components — sign/panel standoff supports of various sizes, screw caps, support joiners, four-way connectors, and other accessories that can be used for mounting simple signs or more elaborate projects such as multi-layered or double-depth display designs…

Feature / 04

Easy to Install

Modular sign/panel standoff supports feature a three part fitting — standoff spacer, wall plug and threaded stud-cap that makes installation easier. Large fittings incorporate a 6mm front lip designed to make installation of larger panels simple — panels can be rested on the lip during installation…

Feature / 05

Premium Quality

We use only premium-grade materials to ensure product quality, durability and great value. Our traditional wall mounted standoff hardware is available in a range of sizes and finishes that will fit well in most interiors…

Most Popular Display Applications:

Frameless Graphic Panels | Nova Display Systems

Graphic Panels

– wall mounted acrylic frames designed to display posters, prints, photos, or fine art reproductions.

Butted Edge Graphic Panels | Nova Display Systems

Butted Edge
Graphic Panels

– graphic display made of multiple panels mounted to walls using supports with four-way hubs.

Logo Panels and Plaque | Nova Display Systems

Logo Panels
and Plaques

– wall mounted signage, plaques and logo panels made to custom size, shape, and finish.

Architectural Paneling | Nova Display Systems


– wall mounted decorative resin panels, light-diffusing or sound-absorbing panels.

Furniture Assembly / Raised Countertops | Nova Display Systems

Furniture Assembly
/ Raised Countertops

– create modular furniture and custom countertops using safety glass or acrylic resin panels.

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