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What We Provide

At Nova Display Systems, we provide modern and versatile display solutions for a wide range of applications. From individual hardware components to turnkey wall displays, our products are known for their practicality, versatility, and ease of use, making them the preferred choice for professionals seeking efficient and attractive display options. Explore our innovative range of tailored solutions, from cutting-edge hardware components to complete turnkey display systems, including info/poster display kits, merchandising solutions, and customizable wall displays for office and retail environments designed to elevate your brand presence with modern sophistication.

Explore our most popular product categories, encompassing a diverse array of display solutions:
Showcase employee photos and information with our versatile wall-mounted cable/rod display system. This innovative solution offers an attractive and streamlined approach to presenting multiple photos, infographics, cards, and certificates in a professional and secure manner… Read More ❯
Create professionally finished info/poster presentations that captivate your audience with our quality cable and rod display solutions. These versatile systems allow for easy and efficient updates of printed inserts, making it simple to keep your content fresh and engaging… Read More ❯
Elevate your poster and photography display with our wall-mounted frameless acrylic frames that provide an ultimate professional framing solution for use in both modern and traditional interiors. Use them to display art, reproductions, posters, graphics, or other interchangeable printed inserts in portrait or landscape orientation… Read More ❯
Enhance your graphic and banner displays with our premium cable and rod suspension systems. Ideal for a variety of applications, from graphic presentations to wall decor and more, our sleek, high-end fittings provide versatile, easy-to-update solutions… Read More ❯
Add flexibility to your display with the use of our sleek and versatile rail/track tension cable suspension system. It allows for easy and speedy updates of the displayed materials, making your message immediate and impressive… Read More ❯
Use our quality acrylic literature displays to showcase books, catalogs, magazines, brochures, postcards, and other promotional materials. They come in single or multi-pocket display kit configurations with cable/rod suspensions or wall-mounting standoff hardware… Read More ❯
Showcase your collectibles, merchandise, and promotional products with our cable/rod suspended acrylic and glass shelves, as well as specialty acrylic display cases. This elegant, barely visible system allows you to feature your items in windows, on interior walls, or within showrooms, representing the cutting edge in merchandise promotion… Read More ❯
Elevate your visual displays with our versatile systems. Create exceptional donor walls, recognition displays, directory boards, maps, and facility signs that embody both practicality and elegance. Effortlessly updatable, these modular, customizable solutions can be suspended, wall-mounted, or free-standing… Read More ❯
Construct versatile displays with our quality, lightweight aluminum system. Use it to build standard or custom floor stands, perimeter wall displays, counters, kiosks, and trade show booths. Suitable for temporary or permanent projects in offices, banks, campuses, libraries, showrooms, and reception areas, this adaptable solution meets a wide range of needs… Read More ❯
Create a stylish, modern space-dividing solution with our cable/rod suspension or rigid aluminum framing systems. Ideal for enhancing privacy and safety in office or retail interiors, these modular, transparent designs offer exceptional versatility… Read More ❯
Protect your workspace with our specially crafted acrylic sneeze guards and shields. Ideal for counters, checkouts, cashier stations, restaurants, buffets, and office areas, these versatile solutions come in a range of configurations to suit your needs… Read More ❯

Seeking Assistance in Finding a Display Solution or Idea?

If you are struggling to find a display solution or idea that suits your specific business industry, we are here to assist you. Our team is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of your business and can work with you to design a new and tailored concept that perfectly aligns with your brand and objectives. Whether it’s a retail display, trade show booth, or any other promotional setup, we are committed to creating a customized solution that sets your business apart. Please contact us or use the step-by-step guide on how to start a custom project… Start a Custom Project Page


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Project Images and Design Concepts

Browse our database for recent project photos, wall display concepts, project drafts, visualizations, and other turnkey display ideas. These valuable resources will help you find countless display solutions available for immediate and practical use.


We have curated a selection of images from our past display projects and installations for our gallery. These photographs offer diverse examples of how to craft impactful window and interior displays…

Nova Display Systems | Photo Gallery


We engage in ongoing collaboration with designers and clients to document and share insights from completed display projects. Explore this collection of displays, from initial planning and design through to installation and the final reveal...

Nova Display Systems | Case Studies


We have curated a collection of wall display concepts and unique inspirational ideas for you. Utilize our ready-to-use wall display kits to effortlessly create stylish and easily updatable displays for any type of information...

Nova Display Systems / Design Concepts
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