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1.5mm Cable Display System / Specifications

Weight Bearing Information — Safety Working Load Limit for 1.5mm and 3mm Cable Systems

Cable System1.5mm Dia3mm Dia
Weight-bearing per suspension point
Ceiling-to-Floor264 lb (120 kg)441 lb (200 kg)
Wall-to-Wall132 lb (60 kg)n/a
Wall-to-Floor132 lb (60 kg)n/a
Ceiling-to-Wall132 lb (60 kg)n/a
Ceiling-Overhead Suspensions88 lb (40 kg)n/a
Fitting Load Limit (per each fitting)25 lb (12 kg)25 lb (12 kg)
Crimp Loading Test for Cable Sets331 lb (150 kg)551 lb (250 kg)
Note: Maximum recommend width for suspended shelves or vertical panels is 48 inches (cable centers / distance between suspension points)

Composition and Materials

The 1.5 mm (1/16”) Cable Display System is engineered for durability. The cables, crafted from robust, galvanized carbon steel, are designed to resist fraying, kinking, and snapping. Each cable is made up of 19 steel strands encasing a single steel wire core—resulting in a strong yet flexible assembly with excellent abrasion resistance, capable of supporting up to 120 kg (264 lbs). The system’s fittings are constructed from high-quality solid brass alloy UNS C37710/ASTM B124, while the grub screws, made from AISI 12L14 Carbon Steel (UNS G12144), are tipped with durable Nylon 6-6. The ceiling and wall suspension tracks and rails are extruded from aluminum alloy AL6063. We stand behind the quality of our metal components with a 12-month warranty.

1.5mm Cable Display System components come in Satin Chrome Finish (Matte Nickel/Chrome Plating) – chrome is plated over matte nickel to achieve a hard, uniform finish that is semi-lustrous with low reflectivity. It is also referred to as pearl or velour chrome, which does not have the lines or grainy appearance found in traditional satin nickel/chrome finishes. Satin chrome is the only standard/stock finish.

Product Limitations

For indoor use only. Cable system performs well in all closed environments as long as it is not exposed to direct weathering such as rain, snow, moisture, etc. For marine or other high humidity environments, please request stainless steel type 302/304 or 316 cables that have a higher corrosion resistance. Follow the instructions and weight-bearing limitation indicated on the technical data sheets.

Precautions / Performance and Safety

Ensure the product is used correctly, safely, and for its intended purpose. It’s crucial to verify that the ceiling fixings are robust enough to support the weight of the displayed items, taking into account the tension in the cables. Compatibility of all components is key — confirm that all panel and shelf supports, hooks, and other fittings used with the cable system are appropriate and provide sufficient safety. All attachments should be installed correctly and adhere to the recommended Safety Working Load Limit. For installations involving cable fixings attached to metal or other conductive materials, power isolators are mandatory. Additionally, when installing isolated cables, the standard top brass fitting must be substituted with plastic isolators for safety.

Environmental Considerations

Components are suggested and warranted for interior use only. Nova Display Systems practices sustainability and recycling. Most of our display systems are fabricated from non-ferrous recycling metals — aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze and copper alloys. With close to 100 percent recyclable content, these metals can be repeatedly recycled into similar or other products with no loss of quality, as reprocessing does not damage their molecular structure.

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