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1.5mm Cable Display System — Stainless Steel / Overview

Features and Benefits

The 1.5mm (1/16”) Diameter Stainless Steel Cable Display System combines aesthetic appeal with robust functionality, offering exceptional strength and compatibility across a wide range of our display products. This system is available in standard, pre-assembled kits suitable for ceiling-to-floor and wall-to-wall installations, as well as an adjustable option for angled applications. Its natural stainless steel finish provides a timeless look that enhances the style of cable fixings and support fittings, perfectly complementing our stainless steel standoff supports with its sleek lines and contemporary charm. Ideal for mounting display panels, signage, poster frames, hanging rails, and large format graphics, the system features fittings made from #SS303/304 stainless steel, ensuring durability and a high-quality finish. Capable of supporting up to 120 kg (264 lbs) per suspension point, it offers reliable performance for a variety of display needs.

Feature / 01

Sleek Minimalist Design

The cable system features a minimalist design, facilitating the creation of display products and applications that are not only simple and elegant but also intuitive to use. Its minimalist approach reduces clutter, illuminates the space, and highlights the essence of the display with minimal use of materials, embodying efficiency and elegance…

Feature / 02

Versatile and Functional

The cable system features exceptional versatility and modularity, crafted with precision to offer both flexibility and adaptability in style. This ensures its suitability for a broad spectrum of display applications, accommodating diverse needs with ease…

Feature / 03

Durable Components

For durability all cable fixings/fittings and set screws are made from #SS303/304 stainless steel alloy. All components are fairly resistant to general atmospheric corrosion, cleaning solutions, sterilizing solutions, dyestuffs, most organic chemicals, but has very limited resistance to acids…

Feature / 04

Standard Kits for Easy Install

The 1.5mm stainless steel cable system is available in standard pre-assembled kit configurations for use with ceiling-overhead, ceiling-to-floor, or wall-to-wall suspended applications. Each kit comes pre-assembled and is equipped with spring tensioners to ensure the cables remain taut, unaffected by temperature fluctuations…

Feature / 05

Sustainable and Recyclable

Stainless Steel is both non-degradable and fully recyclable, allowing it to be continuously reused to produce new steel without loss of quality. Composed of valuable raw materials such as nickel, iron, chromium, and molybdenum, which are in high demand, its sustainable lifecycle supports ongoing recycling efforts…

Feature / 06

Premium Quality

We use only premium-grade materials to ensure product quality, durability, and great value…

Most Popular Display Applications:

Info/Poster Displays | Nova Display Systems


– suspended or wall mounted photo presentations, info/poster or graphic displays that require frequent updates.

Lit and Non-lit Window Displays | Nova Display Systems

Lit and Non-lit
Window Displays

– suspended backlit or non-lit window displays in a range of standard sizes with single or double sided capabilities.

Literature Displays | Nova Display Systems


– suspended literature holders and sloping shelves for displaying brochures, catalogs, magazines, books, or postcards.

Decorative and Product Shelving | Nova Display Systems

Decorative and
Product Shelving

– suspended flat or sloped acrylic, glass, or wooden shelves from ceiling, ceiling-to-floor, attached to walls, or inside cabinets.

Showcase Displays | Nova Display Systems


– suspended custom lit or non-lit acrylic, glass, or wooden showcase displays for art, jewelry, collectibles, or cosmetics.

Signage and Logo Panels | Nova Display Systems

Signage and
Logo Panels

– suspended and wall-mounted signage, logo panels, decorative screens, vinyl banners, and large format graphics.

Facility Maps and Office Directories | Nova Display Systems

Facility Maps and
Office Directories

– suspended and wall mounted facility maps, messaging boards, office directory signs, and other specialty signage.

Art/Picture Hanging | Nova Display Systems


– suspended framed artwork and photographs from aluminum rails/tracks attached to ceiling or wall.

Merchandising Displays | Nova Display Systems


– suspended fabrics, clothes, and garments on heavy-duty hanging rails fitted onto vertical cables.

Architectural Paneling | Nova Display Systems


– suspended decorative or light-diffusing paneling for creating partition walls, privacy screens, or dividers.

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