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3mm Cable Display System / Overview

Features and Benefits

The 3mm (1/8″) Cable Display System has the advantages of a robust appearance with the smallest size supports on the market. Fittings are made of solid brass for durability and supplied in a top quality finish, have the same cable centers as 1.5mm cable system, and use the same installation accessories. This system is available only in a basic kit configuration for fixing between ceiling-to-floor. It’s rated to support up to 200 kg (441 lbs) per suspension point, so even the heaviest of items can be displayed. Extensive range of components and accessories ensure complete design flexibility, enabling you to create an instant presentation by suspending glass shelving, graphic panels, posters, signage, dispensers, banners, etc.

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Quality and Strength

We use only premium-grade materials to ensure product quality, durability and great value. Cables used in assemblies are made from galvanized carbon steel and are resistant to fraying, kinking or snapping. All cables are supplied with factory top/ceiling crimps capable of supporting up to 200kg (441 lbs). Cable fixings and support fittings are made of solid brass alloy and come with a 12-month warranty…

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Extensive Hardware Selection

A vast array of fixing components and accessories make the 3mm cable useful for a wide range of product display and signage applications…

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Versatile and Functional

System offers a high range of versatility and modularity. It is well designed and manufactured to allow for flexibility and style adaptability, ensuring that products can be used in a wide range of display applications…

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Easy Install

Top boss affixes to ceiling with a single screw or heavy-duty base plate to ensure a secure fit. At the bottom, tension is maintained by a spring tensioner to ensure that cable will not slacken with time or temperature changes. Cable fixing kits can be cut shorter and adjusted in place or can be supplied with a longer cable…

Most Popular Display Applications:

Info/Poster Displays | Nova Display Systems


– suspended or wall mounted photo presentations, info/poster or graphic displays that require frequent updates.

Signage and Logo Panels | Nova Display Systems

Signage and
Logo Panels

– suspended and wall-mounted signage, logo panels, decorative screens, vinyl banners, and large format graphics.

Decorative and Product Shelving | Nova Display Systems

Decorative and
Product Shelving

– suspended flat or sloped acrylic, glass, or wooden shelves from ceiling, ceiling-to-floor, attached to walls, or inside cabinets.

Merchandising Displays | Nova Display Systems


– suspended fabrics, clothes, and garments on heavy-duty hanging rails fitted onto vertical cables.

Architectural Paneling | Nova Display Systems


– suspended decorative or light-diffusing paneling for creating partition walls, privacy screens, or dividers.

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