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Easy-Glide and Spider Track / Overview

Features and Benefits

The Easy-Glide Track System makes moving your signs side-to-side as easy as sliding your shower curtain. The system gives you the ability to display your signage anywhere. Then you can easily move it to access stock, promote a new product display, or simply change the look of your visuals. Tracks available for use with plaster or grid ceilings. When ordering for grid ceiling, you must specify regular or mini grid. Gliders are easy to insert and remove mid-track — specify number of gliders needed when ordering, typically two per sign. Easy-Glide tracks are made of aluminum and are available in clear anodized and white powder-coated finish. Spider Tracks are ideal for retail window displays and plaster-board ceilings. Simply install the track and hang your sign — shift, remove, and replace signage in seconds. Multiple tracks can be used to create a layered retail display design. Spider tracks are made of aluminum and are available in clear anodized and white powder-coated finish.

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Affordable Design

Tracks provide a simple and inexpensive display hanging solution for grid and non-grid ceilings. They are ideal for mounting displays from grid, plaster ceilings or windows. Tracks have a simple streamline and elegant design…

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Easy to Install

Installation is simple and flexible enough to accommodate for a variety of uses and unique placements. Tracks for plaster ceilings are available in standard 48″ and 96″ length and can be mounted next to each other to span longer lengths if needed…

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Compatible Accessories

A vast array of hanging components and accessories make the Easy-Glide and Spider Tracks useful for a wide range of display and signage applications…

Most Popular Display Applications:

Signage and Logo Panels | Nova Display Systems


– rail/track suspended promotional graphics, digital posters, and temporary signage.

Non-lit Window Displays | Nova Display Systems


– rail/track suspended poster displays, large format graphics, and vinyl/fabric banners.

Art/Picture Hanging | Nova Display Systems


– rail/track suspended and wall mounted info/posters displays and framed presentations.

Decorative Ornaments Cable Suspended | Nova Display Systems


– rail/track suspended lightweight ornaments, decorative screens and panels

Merchandising Displays | Nova Display Systems


– rail/track suspended horizontal rods to hold fabrics or other decorative elements.

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