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Customer Testimonials 2015 – 2017

December 2017

Subject: Custom Signs, Frameless Sandwich Frames

We used these items on our remote set for an Ohio State-Michigan special. Everyone here was surprised how they made the set. Originally they were wanted to velcro our station logo to a blue plexiglass but we wanted it to look more professional so we chose the wall mounted frames. Thank you!

Michael T.
WKEF/WRGT Sinclair Broadcast Group
Hunt Valley, MD

November 2017

Subject: 1″ standoffs, 3/4″ standoffs for sign panels

The service has been excellent, including this follow up inquiry. My purchase was relatively small, but I appreciate the follow up, and especially the email confirmation around shipping. I will be designing a window display over the next few months, and without a doubt I will come back to Nova Display Systems.

Asaki B.
Bradford Real Estate
Denver, CO

*   *   *

Subject: Gotcha Strips on suspended cables

Your customer service was excellent. I called on a Saturday after hours to locate a shipped package and one of your (non-order related) sales reps was able to field the call and responded that day. Thank you so much and I will continue to look to your company for quality service and products.

Jeff K.
BD Diagnostics
Franklin Lakes, NJ

October 2017

Subject: Wall Mounts for Mirror

Your products were great, but more importantly – the fellow that I called him and help me fix everything up that I needed to. Shipped and came perfectly prepared and installed in a breeze. My glass Mirror man wants to know who you guys are so I can use y’all in the future. He was impressed, I was impressed. Thank you!

Mark H.

*   *   *

Subject: Standoffs for signage, custom signs

We have been very pleased with your stellar sales staff, great service and quality product to date. Thank you!

Linda J.
Cadre Solutions Group, LLC
Birmingham, AL

September 2017

Subject: WM15 Wall Mounted Panel Support

My installers love the WM15 Wall Mounted Panel supports. The “lip” on the supports gives them a place to rest the panel (be it aluminum, glass, acrylic, or stainless steel) while threading on the cap, rather than having to support the weight of the panel while getting it centered and trying to line up the cap for threading all at the same time. That little foresight in design has saved us hundreds of dollars a year in chipped glass corners or dented edges from dropped installations. It’s a phenomenal product.

Chris B.
Austin Architectural Graphics, Inc.
Austin, TX

August 2017

Subject: Standoff Systems & Custom Signage

Very happy with the service we received. We expected a much slower shipment because of the disclaimer on the website and we very surprised and pleased that we received the order 3 days later. Very happy and will be buying our products from here from now on. Thank you!

Serene C.
Allotech, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT

July 2017

Subject: Rod hanging system with hook on acrylic pockets, 30 x 40 and 22 x 28 frameless graphic panels

We are very pleased with the items we ordered and the employee we worked with to place our order. Responses were very quick and placing the order was very easy. Our only issue was the packaging of the items made them difficult to deliver and get up to our office. We have a loading dock but because the items were on a pallet, it was very heavy and difficult to manage.

Maura S.
Turnaround Management Association
Chicago, IL

*   *   *

Subject: Wire supports and brackets for suspended glass shelves

I order via telephone, but had to call back a couple times because I didn’t have all my specifications correct when I initially called. The sales person I spoke with was very friendly and helpful. He helped me determine which assembly would be best for the glass that I have purchased from another vendor. The order came on time and was complete.

Bobbi O.
K3 Construction Group
Reston, VA

*   *   *

Subject: AnoGotcha Plus with associated hanging hardware

Nova provided EXCELLENT customer service. Quality product + Good Prices & Service = Happy Customer

John D.
Pearl Paradise, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

June 2017

Subject: 3/4″ Stainless steel stand off mounts

Everything was great. I spoke with the sales rep on the phone to get the correct products and they were shipped the same day from your office. The packaging was good and there was no damage. I will definitely will be back for more products.

Jon B.
Borg Industries
Pasadena, CA

*   *   *

Subject: Cable Display System

Very easy to deal with Nova Display Systems. Customer service rep walked us through what we would need, based on what we told him. A very good experience.

Mike H.
Corporate Interiors
Conshohocken, PA

*   *   *

Subject: Stainless steel standoffs

These were perfect. I like being able to get them in a reasonable amount of time as these types of projects are always a rush. Website worked perfectly and I am confident my order will be filled and delivered quickly.

Gary B.
Fidelity Investments
Salt Lake City, UT

March 2017

Subject: 3/4″ dia with 1/2″ barrel nickel standoffs

Superb! Absolutely what we needed at a price my customer could afford. You made them look classy and kept them in budget. I will definitely utilize your display solutions or any job requiring hardware. Thank you very much!

Britt H.
H ‘n’ H Sign Supply
Sturgis, KY

*   *   *

Subject: Modular Display System

Love the product and the quality. Thank you! .

Ron A.
Helicopter Helmet, LLC
Johns Island, South Carolina

*   *   *

Subject: Gallery rail wires, hooks and banner poles, various sizes

Our order was an 11th hour request, and the rep who worked with me was great. He answered my questions, made sure we got the correct items and sent me the tracking info for all three orders, all of which were shipped rush. Many thanks to him for getting this done accurately and quickly! .

Nathalie G.
Whole Foods Market
Englewood Cliffs, NJ

*   *   *

Subject: Acrylic panels with cable wall supports

After installed, the end result looks great. The installation process was a bit tricky in making sure the cables were completely straight in parallel with each other, and the tool and screws for attaching the panels to the cables were a bit tedious and time-consuming to use. We ended up using one of our own screwdrivers to install and it worked a lot better. Overall, we are very satisfied with the end product and appreciate the help in ensuring that the end product would work well on our specific wall. Thanks!

Jaclyn T.
Christian Investors Financial
Minneapolis, MN

*   *   *

Subject: Cable Glass Shelving

Thanks for the follow up. David made this order process extremely easy and was very professional in his service provided. He also expertise knowledge in your product and explained proper use of the items required. It was a fast and pleasurable experience. Regards .

Janice M.
Swissline Industries
Burlington, ON, Canada

*   *   *

Subject: Acrylic Boards, Cables, Single Supports, Double Supports

I have received nothing less than superior quality in components received from Nova Display. The order process could be simplified if Nova were set up as a Nissan vendor however, which I have requested, so that different cost centers could be billed more easily.

Suzanne B.
Hot Springs, AZ

February 2017

Subject: Aluminum edge grip support

These look great and give the mirrors a much more modern look with the 1/2″ standoff. I’ll admit your customer service was right that mounting these can be a bit of a challenge / trial and error, especially when installing for a larger, heavy piece of glass/mirror. It just takes a bit of patience to get all of the standoffs lined up with the bases .

Robert T.
L&B Remodel
Saint Marys, GA

January 2017

Subject: Standoffs, Cable Display System

Great product and considerably less expensive than other suppliers .

Larry G.
Wood Products Co., Inc.
Boise, ID

*   *   *

Subject: Stand-offs, Rail Systems, Plexi-Glass Holders, Aluminum Sign Systems

Nova Display does a wonderful job. Website is easy to navigate and understand. If I have questions I call and always get the answer! Turn around time is excellent. Myself and my clients have always been pleased. I have never had any trouble.

Jill G.
Hermosa Beach, CA

November 2016

Subject: Clips, cable glass shelving

Love your products and customer service. have ordered several time and can not be happier. Stylish, simple, modern. raves about how awesome shelves look .

Shawn A.
Clear Medical

October 2016

Subject: ½” Diameter Stainless Steel Standoffs

Working with Nova Display to place my order was a breeze. The customer service was exceptionally friendly and helpful in identifying specifically which product was necessary for my projects requirements and specifications. Order processing was extremely efficient and I received my product quickly in only a few days. What a great experience!

Jason M.
Wireball Creative Inc.
Toronto, ON, Canada

September 2016

Subject: Set screws, cable fittings

I dealt with both Christina and David, and had pleasant interactions with both employees. After my order arrived and I realized it was not actually what I needed, David was especially helpful in assisting me with my issue. I gave him a bit of the run-around, and he still remained kind and helpful. Excellent customer service!

Megan M.
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Los Angeles, CA

August 2016

Subject: Sign/Display Hardware

Superb customer service and quality products. Will always choose Nova first when considering hardware for any product I sell to my customer!

ASAP Signs and Printing
Salinas, CA

June 2016

Subject: Various Sign Standoffs

Being a sign company, we have a need for a vast amount of hardware. Your company was great to work with. Sales rep had a good understanding of the product and I received my order in a timely manner. All in all, I will be back!

Angela A.
Lancaster, PA

May 2016

Subject: 3/4″ standoffs

Prices are good, the person that helped me when I called was Very Helpful and I received them very timely. My only complaint is that I hadn’t bought direct from you in the past.

Don S.
Banners Plus
Louisville, KY

*   *   *

Subject: Special Cable Fittings

Just got the display materials in today and have dropped off at our site. I wanted to pass along my thanks for all you did for us. We are proud to display your merchandising system in our store; so much it is in both of the front windows. Besides our franchisee inquiries at 18 I 8, I suspect other retailers will be asking where we purchased. I will gladly pass along the NOVA name to anyone because of your EXCEPTIONAL service.

Best Regards,

Michael W.
W. Enterprises
Elkhorn, NE

*   *   *

Subject: Easy access acrylic poster holder – top suspended

LOVE this product. Great packaging. Easy ordering and shipping and great service. Thank you!

Andrea M.
Oklahoma City, OK

*   *   *

Subject: Re: follow up for your recent purchase

You guys do a great job, I always feel like the sales rep knows me and treats me on a personal level. I have no desire to search out another supplier.

Tony Q.
Quattro Graphics
Richardson, TX

*   *   *

Subject: Standoffs in various sizes

Ordering is a little confusing because it’s not always obvious where to find the product you want, even though you know it’s there. But otherwise the company does well at getting orders out quickly.

Steve S.
The Sign Source, LLC
Osage Beach, MO

*   *   *

Subject: Wall mounted panel support, four way spacer, large acrylic panels, hook on acrylic pockets

I especially liked that I could send my layout and a quote/order could be generated. The order was shipped complete. All of the parts were of high quality and there were no issues with the installation. The process could not have been easier. Thank you!

Steve P.
Orange County Library System / Orlando Public Library
Orlando, FL

*   *   *

Subject: Booth Display

We are very excited with the quality and look of the product. We had very, very great service with Reed. He did a fantastic job to get us what we needed and even helped tracked down the shipment of our display, which was stuck during the snow storm across the US. He made sure we were able to get the display in time for a conference that we had; I believe he had to fabricate items for that purpose. Thank you!

Mike L.
Refine Medical
Santa Rosa, CA

April 2016

Subject: Re: follow up for your recent purchase

I appreciate your follow up. I am very pleased with the service and overall customer experience of dealing with your company and will continue to purchase from Nova Display Systems as our needs arise. Thank you!

Steve L.
Thompson Power
Lavergne, TN

*   *   *

Subject: cable display system, clamp supports for glass shelves

Items were received very quickly and should work out well. We used the cable system in another display case that we custom fabricated to allow us a wide variety of display options and the cable system fit that perfectly. With that in mind when tasked with developing a case for our organizations headquarters, the cable system was again chosen for the flexibility it offers.

Michael S.
Academy Of Model Aeronautics – National Model Aviation Museum
Muncie, IN

*   *   *

Subject: 1.5 mm cable display system for display prototype

This is a well designed and constructed system. User friendly. Perfect for our needs

Robert D.
Robert M. DeHaven AIA Architects 
Elk Grove Village, IL

*   *   *

Subject: Hardware for suspending plexiglass cubes

Perfect! I couldn’t ask for better communication or response to questions and fulfillment of our order.

Jay C.
James C. Smith Fine Jewelry
Traverse City, MI

*   *   *

Subject: Rod Display with Acrylic Frames

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience with Nova Display Systems. Our office placed our first order a couple of years ago to display our Staff Physician’s photos. We were so happy with the result, that we ordered again to display the photos of our Resident Physicians. Again, very pleased, we ordered for a display to show off the rest of the department staff. Your customer service is friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. Our orders are received quickly and accurately. Thank you for your great service and great products!

Christy G.
City of Hope – Radiation Oncology
Duarte, CA

*   *   *

Subject: Standoffs

You lost an order of mine a while back, but it was taken care of and you worked with me to get it here quickly. Price is great, turnaround could be a little faster.

Scott B.
St. Louis, MO

*   *   *

Subject: Standoffs of various models and sizes

The service is excellent, a same day turnaround to ship is unheard of in many companies and really helps us make sure our clients get sign accessories when they need them! Having on-line access to our purchase history would help when we place orders, but other than that you guys completely rock!

Rachel T.
San Francisco, CA

February 2016

Subject: Flush cap support and sign standoffs

Always great service (prompt and knowledgeable telephone answering and ordering) and great products and values, definitely favorite company to do business with for anything stand-off related.

Marcel V.
SKYLINE Exhibitor Source
Lavergne, TN

November 2015

Subject: Nova 10mm shelf system hardware

Customer service was fast and quick to respond to all inquiries. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff even confirmed we should not try to use certain parts with the shelving we had (made recommendations).
Thank you!

Scott M.
ISEC, Inc.
Cypress, CA

*   *   *

Subject: Thanks

Hi there,
I just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with your company and your products! Ordering is easy and painless, the customer service is friendly and helpful and our orders are always received in a timely fashion. It was a no brainer to refer you to other departments here at the hospital who are interested in the same décor for their areas! Thanks again!

Christy G.
Radiation Oncology
Arcadia, CA

October 2015

Subject: Thank You

To whom it may concern,
A few months ago I was looking for some stand outs to mount some artwork. I did some searching around at other websites (don’t remember which now), but I wasn’t too happy with what they had to offer. I stumbled upon Nova Display Systems and my search was over. There were every kind of mounting option I imagined and I ended up buying from you.

I received my second purchase from Nova Display Systems today and I must say that I love your products. Simply put, it’s quality stuff. I can’t wait to mount my signage. I think it’s worth mentioning that your products are awesome. Safe to say that if I ever need anything involving displays, I will be going through you guys.

Thank You,

Vadim S.

July 2015

Subject: Thanks for help

I have to say that I looked all over for the sign product that I purchased and your website was one of the better ones. And then the customer service you have provided has been well above my expectations. I deal with vendors on a regular basis and Nova Display Systems may be one of the most courteous, efficient and friendly vendors I have contacted in the past year.

Melissa W.
UCF Business Incubation Program
Orlando, FL

April 2015

Subject: Thanks for your service

This is just a little note of thanks for your prompt and accurate service. Our art gallery here at Ogden High School now has more than enough picture hooks to hang great exhibits of student, teacher, and guest artist art shows. We appreciate the discount you gave us and the personal interactions between your staff and ours was always accurate, courteous, and prompt. I would never hesitate to recommend your company and products should the opportunity present itself.

Thanks again!

Edward P.
Ogden High School
Ogden, UT

February 2015

Subject: Excellent customer service

Good Morning!
I am writing to you to let you know what excellent customer service Sun Isle Realty has received from your sales associate, David B.
I have been such a pest to him! I always seem to need extra help and David was very willing to help me figure out what my application needs were and then proceed with the order all the while fielding numerous pesky questions from me! What a great employee you have! We, at Sun Isle Realty are VERY pleased with the customer service and the product from Nova Display Systems. I will be sure and let all the real estate agents in the area know where to get such beautiful window displays when I am asked! Respectfully,

Lacey H.
Sun Isle Realty, Inc.
Coronado, CA


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