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Reseller Discount Requirements

Upon joining our reseller program your will be assigned an introductory discount rate of 15% unless you already have a purchase history with Nova Display Systems and your most current record exceeds the minimum $1000 per year volume needed for your next level advancement.

Your eligible discounts under the Nova Display Systems Reseller Program are set forth in Schedule-A and Schedule-B. All discounts are based on your net purchase amount for the prior year. Taxes and shipping charges do not apply. Nova Display Systems reserves the right to change your account status based on the level of business activity, as well as modify the requirements for each discount level. With further advancement you will be able to offer your customers most of our products and services at the same rate that we do and get lucrative profit margins depending on your annual sales volume.

Reseller Program for Display Systems, Components, and Accessories (Schedule-A)

The table below lists the requirements for Reseller Discounts that we offer on most of our display systems, components, fittings, hardware, display kits, and acrylic accessories. Please note that “Schedule-A” discount rates may not extend to all of our display systems or components due to their manufacturing point of origin.

Annual net volume (US$)
Discount Rate (%)
Discount Levels
$0 - $99915%Introductory Period* (up to 12 months)
$1,000 - $24,99925%Entry Level
$25,000 - $44,99930%Advanced Level
$45,000 or more35% or morePreferred Level / Premier Partner*

Reseller Program for Signware Products, Aluminum Profiles, etc. (Schedule-B)

The table below lists the requirements for Reseller Discounts that we offer on all of our LED illuminated display products, signware products, aluminum extrusions/profiles, modular display stands, modular partition framing, and modular accessories.

Annual net volume (US$)
Discount Rate (%)
Discount Levels
$0 - $9990%Introductory Period* (up to 12 months)
$1,000 - $4,9995%Entry Level
$5,000 - $24,99910%Advanced Level
$25,000 or more15% or morePreferred Level / Premier Partner*

Discount Limits

Discount limits may apply to some of the items or products, as well as to certain categories of customers that already have a specific discount level assigned to their account.

Program Changes

Nova Display Systems may modify the Reseller Program rules and benefits at any time in its sole discretion. We may change the discount schedules or discontinue the Reseller Program or any aspect of it at any time. We will post information about any updates or changes to our website or send you an email using the email address on file. Any changes to the Reseller Program will become effective immediately at the time the information is posted.

Extenuating Circumstances

All Reseller Registrations are at Nova Display Systems discretion. Nova Display Systems reserves the right, under extenuating circumstances, to revoke a Reseller-Partner Registration before the “Reseller Registration Period” has ended. Here are few examples of when this might occur:

  • Reseller’s Registration Period expires or is terminated when Reseller fails to meet the standard requirements.
  • Customers express dissatisfaction with the Reseller and file multiple complaints with Nova Display Systems.
  • Reseller is unresponsive to their customers and/or unresponsive to Nova Display Systems.

Get Started Right Away

If you are ready to start reselling our products, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or call our dedicated sales representatives at 800.753.9688 and you will be promptly assisted. You may start the process by filling out our Reseller Registration Form.


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Environmental and Quality Commitment

We recognize the necessity for responsible environmental management and the conservation of our resources. We assess all new products in the early design stages to ensure that they are versatile, durable, and reusable. In the production of our items, we choose only high-quality or recyclable materials that have a low impact on the environment.


We adhere to strict sustainability guidelines and environmental practices to ensure that we preserve or impose minimal impact on the eco-systems in which we operate.

Nova Display Systems / Sustainability and Recycling


We are proud of our products and stand behind our quality workmanship. We make sure that each and every display item meets our clients stringent requirements.

Nova Display Systems / Premium Quality Guaranteed


We are always looking out for exciting partners from across various industries to help us promote our products. Learn about the benefits of becoming a reseller.

Nova Display Systems / Reseller Partner Program
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