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Add Value to Your Signs with Quality Sign Standoffs

Quality Sign Standoff Supports — Modular Standoffs, Through Standoffs, Tamper Proof Standoffs, Edge-Grip Standoffs, Projected Standoffs, Desktop Standoffs…

Nova Display Systems provides a range of durable high quality sign standoffs suitable for various display and signage applications. Most of our standard standoff hardware is offered pre-assembled in ready-to-use standoff sets to include wall plugs, standoff spacer/barrels, and front screw caps machined using high-grade aluminum, brass, or stainless steel alloys. They are offered in a variety of quality finishes such as clear anodized, satin chrome, polished chrome, brushed nickel and stainless steel. Standoffs are available in 12mm (1/2″), 16mm (5/8″), 20mm (3/4″), 25mm (1″), 32mm (1-1/4″), and 38mm (1-1/2″) diameters and various lengths.

The sign standoffs are great for both indoor or outdoor mounting of plaques, display panels, logo panels, architectural signs, company directories, glass panels, photographic frames, decorative screens, shelving, raised glass counter tops, furniture structural elements, and much more.

Modular Wall Mounted Sign Supports

These are the best, premium quality sign supports available on the market. They feature a three part fitting for easy installation and durability. Machined using high-grade brass then plated in satin chrome for a beautiful and long lasting appearance…


Sign Standoffs & Panel Supports

These quality, inexpensive and solid constructed standoffs are used for a wide variety of uses. They are made from high-grade aluminum, brass or stainless steel alloys and supplied in two or three-part standoff sets with vinyl washers to protect the surface…


Security Locking Sign Standoffs / Satin Chrome Brass

Security Locking Sign Standoffs

These quality, heavy-duty constructed standoffs are used for mounting signs and display panels that require an additional level of protection. These standoff supports have a tamper proof security feature — a locking set screw on the base of the spacer that provides an excellent way to secure the front caps, therefore locking the panel in place…


Edge-Grip Sign Standoffs

These stylish and functional wall mounted supports are an alternative solution for mounting plaques and logo panels, directional and informational signage, employee and donor recognition displays. They allow the panel to be gripped from sides or top/bottom and do not require drilling…


Security Locking Sign Standoffs / Satin Chrome Brass

Projecting Standoff Supports

These are practical and versatile sign/panel and shelf mounting supports. The standoff capability provides simple and elegant solutions for affixing various types of materials to an infinite variety of substrates such as wood, gypsum, concrete, glass, aluminum profiles, steel studs, etc…


Use Our Sign Standoffs in Following Applications:

  • Frameless Graphic Panels — special frames wall-mounted on standoff supports are designed to display posters, prints, photos or fine art reproductions enclosed between two pieces of acrylic, clear back and non-glare (non-reflective) acrylic front. Available with clear backing as standard or with color, frosted or textured acrylic backing upon request.
  • Wall Mounted & Projected Signage — create distinctive and practical way-finding indoor signs. Permanent text and graphics can be applied with vinyl lettering, routing, laser etching or direct-to-surface printing.
  • Facility Maps and Office Directories — create wall mounted custom office directories, facility maps, messaging boards and specialty signage.
  • Double-Depth Poster Display Panels — special acrylic poster frames with a double-depth feature. The wall-attached base supports a clear, frosted or textured acrylic panel as a background screen and the front supports a graphic print or photo sandwiched between two clear acrylic panels, allowing the graphic to be easily changed. With a modern look, these double-depth poster display panels are ideal for art prints, posters or photography.
  • Butted Graphic-Display Panels — graphic display that consists of multiple panels butted closely together using one central fitting instead of four. Panels are mounted to walls using supports with special four-way connectors, allowing multiple posters or graphic prints to be displayed as a single large mural, graphic composition or backdrop. Supports can hold up to 1⁄4 inch thick panels or two pressed pieces of 1⁄8 inch thick acrylic with a poster or graphic print mounted in between the panels.
  • Logo Panels and Plaques — wall-mounted custom signage, plaques and logo panels manufactured in various sizes, shapes, finishes and textures to afford a variety of uses.
  • Architectural Paneling — decorative or light-diffusing paneling mounted on walls and/or ceilings.
  • Furniture Assembly & Raised Glass Countertops — create modular furniture and custom countertops using safety glass or acrylic resin panels mounted on vertical standoff supports.
  • Projecting Decorative and Product Shelving — use for mounting acrylic, glass or wooden shelves on walls or inside cabinets or showcases.

Why Buy Our Sign Standoff Supports?

  • Quality and Craftsmanship — our dedication to quality and detail makes our sign standoffs to stand out from most standoff hardware available on the market today. You will find most of these products to be cheaply made, poorly finished, and have a flimsy or hollow construction that would not last for an extended period.
  • Durability and Longevity — our sign standoff fittings are made of solid brass, aluminum, or stainless steel for durability and are supplied in a range of quality finishes. Average lifespan of our sign standoff systems is comparable to 10+ years on the lower estimate.
  • Modularity and Versatility — our sign standoffs are perfect for any type of sign or display installations. Components are interchangeable and highly customizable. They can also be combined to create various design effects such as multi-layering, multi-paneling or double-depth mounting configurations.
  • Large Selection of Sizes — we stock a wide range of sizes and fishes to accommodate for all your projects needs.

Can I Buy Quality Sign Standoffs for Less?

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