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Premium-Grade Acrylic of Choice for Gallery and Museum Framing Applications

Nova Display Systems offers a variety of quality museum-grade acrylic product used for framing, protection, and preservation of fine art and digital imagery — Non-Glare Acrylic, Anti-Reflective Acrylic, UV Filtering Acrylic, Mar Resistant Acrylic, etc…

We provide acrylic sandwich frames and frameless display panels for museum-grade framing applications in both standard and custom sizes. All acrylic frames and panels are precision laser-cut and have an exceptional polished edge quality. They can be fabricated in a range of shapes and sizes to match your ultimate design concept.

Depending on your requirements, we will fabricate acrylic sandwich frames with clear, non-glare, mar resistant, or UV filtering front covers. The supportive acrylic back-panels are supplied in clear, frosted, color, textured, or satinice finishes. To ensure quality and color accuracy we use only high-grade non-glare and UV filtering acrylic product manufactured by top brand companies such as Acrylite®, Acrylex®, or Plexiglas® that are backed with 30 year warranty against yellowing.

To customize your acrylic sandwich frame please send us a short description or graphical attachment. We custom fabricate acrylic frames and panels in sizes up to 49” x 99”. Please contact our sales representatives for more information at 800-753-9688 or use the online quote request form.


Non-Glare Acrylic (P99)

Clear non-glare acrylic is specifically formulated and finished to minimize glare and reflection created by light sources, both natural and artificial. These unique properties makes the non-glare acrylic an excellent choice for framing art, posters, photographs, and prints. The matte finish diffuses the light and distorts the angle of reflection, offering unobstructed views from almost any angle, maximizing the viewing of the image. Another advantage of using a non-glare acrylic sheet for picture frames and similar applications is that it also resists fingerprints.

UV Filtering Acrylic (OP3)

Optical clear UV filtering acrylic is specifically formulated to reduce damaging ultraviolet light waves. Unprotected artwork and print media such as paper and fabric will fade, turn yellow, or become brittle, when exposed to sunlight and artificial light for long time. The OP-3 UV filtering acrylic sheets are light weight, impact and abrasion resistant, and will protect your artwork from 98% of harmful UV rays. They are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements for picture framing used in modern galleries, museums, and art studios.

Mar Resistant Acrylic (MR1)

Mar/scratch resistant acrylic offers excellent optical clarity with abrasion and chemical resistant properties. This acrylic has an abrasion resistant hard coat that protects the acrylic surface and extending the life of the acrylic frame. If your acrylic frames will be exposed to everyday public contact, daily cleanings, and airborne dirt and dust, then an abrasion or scratch resistant product like ACRYLITE® Gallery mar resistant acrylic is recommended.

Acrylic Sheets for Professional Framing Projects 

Recommended premium-grade acrylic material used primarily for gallery and museum framing applications. Select the acrylic type needed for your individual framing project based on following material specifications.

Acrylic Type/Grade
UV Protection
Mar and Chemical Resistant
ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering (OP3)X (High)
ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering Non-Glare (OP3 P99)XX (High)
ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering Mar Resistant (OP3 MR1)X (High)X
ACRYLITE® Gallery Digital Print Mar Resistant (DP MR1)X (Mild)X
ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering (UV3)X (Moderate)
ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering Non-Glare (UV3 P99)XX (Moderate)
ACRYLITE® Gallery Digital Print Non-Glare (DP P99)XX (Mild)
ACRYLITE® Gallery Non-Glare (P99)XX (Mild)
ACRYLITE® Gallery Premium Mar Resistant (MR1)X (Mild)X
ACRYLITE® Gallery Digital Print (DP)X (Mild)

Note: Available in non-glare, UV filtering, mar resistant, or in combinations of non-glare+UV filtering or mar resistant+UV filtering.

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