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Museum Grade Non-Glare Acrylic Frames — for framing art, posters, photographs, and digital prints.

We provide quality framing solutions using museum-grade acrylic sheet product available in a variety of glazing options — Call now for your custom display and receive a 15% discount.

Museum-grade acrylic provides an excellent choice for framing art, posters, photographs, digital prints, and various other display applications. It is essential for preserving art and graphics from damaging factors such as moisture, pollutants, glare, abrasion, fingerprints, and UV radiation. Acrylic is a lighter-weight alternative to framing and much more resistant to impact than glass. It is easily cut-to-size and is more cost effective to ship than glass. Acrylic is extra safe in use and during install, and makes a better choice for framing of large or oversized artwork and prints.

We use a range of premium non-glare acrylic sheet designed exclusively for the framing market. The non-glare feature makes it the perfect choice for use in difficult to light areas — the matte finish minimizes unwanted glare and reflections by diffusing the light and offering unobstructed views from almost any angle.

We offer acrylic framing in a wide range of common picture and poster frame sizes. We also provide acrylic frames in custom sizes up to 48” x 96”. All acrylic frames are precision laser-cut and have an exceptional polished edge quality.

Key Features:

  • Non-Glare (P99) for Minimal Glare and Better Viewing
  • Crystal Clear (FF3) with 92%+ Light Transmission
  • UV Resistant (OP3) — Filters out 98% of Damaging UV Rays
  • Non-Glare UV Resistant (OP3 P99) — Offers Both UV Protection and Non-Glare
  • Heat, Moisture, and Pollutants Resistant
  • Scratch, Abrasion, and Fingerprints Resistant
  • Impact and Shatter Resistant
  • 10-20 Times More Resistant to Impact than Glass
  • Half the Weight of Glass
  • Easily Cut-to-Size at No Additional Cost
  • Guaranteed Defect Free


  • Poster Framing
  • Picture Framing
  • Artwork Framing
  • Awards and Wall Plaques
  • Trophy Showcase
  • Shadow Boxes
  • Home Décor Projects

Framing Grade Acrylic Selection Guide:

Recommended premium-grade acrylic material used primarily for gallery and museum framing applications. Select the acrylic type needed for your individual framing project based on following material specifications.

Acrylic Type/Grade
UV Protection
Mar and Chemical Resistant
ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering (OP3)X (High)
ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering Non-Glare (OP3 P99)XX (High)
ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering Mar Resistant (OP3 MR1)X (High)X
ACRYLITE® Gallery Digital Print Mar Resistant (DP MR1)X (Mild)X
ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering (UV3)X (Moderate)
ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering Non-Glare (UV3 P99)XX (Moderate)
ACRYLITE® Gallery Digital Print Non-Glare (DP P99)XX (Mild)
ACRYLITE® Gallery Non-Glare (P99)XX (Mild)
ACRYLITE® Gallery Premium Mar Resistant (MR1)X (Mild)X
ACRYLITE® Gallery Digital Print (DP)X (Mild)

Note: Available in non-glare, UV filtering, mar resistant, or in combinations of non-glare+UV filtering or mar resistant+UV filtering.

Standard Acrylic Frameless Poster Displays

We have put together a comprehensive range of standard display kits in order to make your display selection process easier. Standard displays are supplied with 1/8 or 1/4 inch clear acrylic back panels and 1/8 inch non-glare front panels as standard.


Custom Acrylic Frames for Large Format Posters

We specialize in custom work and welcome any of your design variations. For special orders under time constraints, we are uniquely capable of providing fast turnaround when necessary. Send your requirements and we will turn them into highly attractive projects.


We offer a variety of quality museum-grade acrylic product used for framing and preservation of fine art and digital imagery — non-glare acrylic (P99), UV filtering acrylic (UV3), mar resistant acrylic (MR1), gallery digital print acrylic (DP), etc.


In-House Laser Cutting Service for Custom Acrylic Projects

We offer in-house laser cutting service for custom acrylic panels, parts, shapes, and other plastic components. We use various acrylic sheet material such as clear, frosted, satin-ice light-diffusing, textured, impact resistant, etc.


You may purchase our Acrylic Display Frames and Holders as ready-to-go display kitsproduct bundles, or as individual components. There are various sizes and configurations to choose from on our web store:

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