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Floor Display Stands with Suspended Cable Systems for Maximum Adaptability

Our line of floor-standing display stands are modular, versatile, durable, and quick to assemble. They are highly customizable and provide an easy way to personalize your own visual display at no additional cost. You can create instant and cost-effective presentations to display signs, posters, literature, large format graphics, or various merchandise.

The stands are made of lightweight aluminum profiles and take a wide range of accessories — acrylic poster holders, graphic panels, signage, leaflet dispensers, flat or sloping shelves, and showcases can be affixed onto suspended cables or aluminum framing and positioned at any height to create single or double sided displays. Its speed and easy assembly helps to minimize the time and installation costs. They are ideal for use in windows, conference rooms, reception areas, retail outlets, libraries, museums, banks, hotels, corporate offices, showrooms, and exhibitions.

Key Features:

  • Quality, upscale appearance — designed as fully modular and portable display floor stands that can be easily customized to your needs.
  • The modular stands are ideal for retail outlets, concessions, banks, museums, exhibitions, airports, receptions, offices, and showrooms.
  • Simple assembly, lightweight and reusable.
  • Display units can be positioned in windows or used as an interior sign, poster, literature or product display stand.
  • Provides a quick and easy way to change information.
  • Extensive range of components and accessories.
  • Works with various substrates and material thickness.

Ways to Order Your Floor Display Stand:

Standard Floor-Standing Displays

Chose from a wide selection of standard display stands that offer modularity and flexibility. Stands can be easily re-configured or modified to adapt to changes or updates.


Custom Floor-Standing Displays

We specialize in custom work and welcome any of your design variations. We will assist you in creating your unique display stand configuration to meet your specific needs.


  • If you have special requests or require help with a custom design or fabrication, please contact us.
  • If you have any suggestions or would like to send your feedback, please fill out the form here.
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