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Ceiling Hanging Shelves vs Floating Shelves

Ceiling hanging shelves are not mounted to the wall like floating shelves, rather they are suspended from the ceiling and hang down from cable or rod suspension systems. The shelves are made of clear or frosted acrylic, tempered glass, or stylish wood.

They provide a sleek contemporary look and can blend well with traditional or classic elements. Use them as open style display shelves in kitchen designs, as decorative partition shelving for space separations in living rooms, or as space-saving storage in closets. They don’t block the light or the view and can be easily re-configured or customized. We provide a variety of cable/rod hanging fittings and ready-to-go suspension kits with acrylic or glass shelves.

If you are looking for ceiling or wall hung acrylic or glass shelves you have found a great source!

Ceiling Suspended Shelf Displays

The ceiling-to-floor tension suspension system uses a versatile range of aircraft cable and adjustable cable/rod fittings to suspend shelves and showcases. Both cable and rod systems use tensioners to hold the system tight, minimizing their movement. When correctly installed both suspension systems can support tremendous weight…


Wall-to-Wall Suspended Shelf Displays

The wall-to-wall shelving suspension system uses less visible cables to create various floating style designs, enhancing the displayed product rather than the display system. The cables are elegant and obscure, yet incredibly strong. Floating glass or acrylic shelves inside the display units are fully adjustable displays and can be stacked or staggered…


Custom Suspended Shelf Displays

We design and customize our cable/rod suspended display shelving and showcases to meet your specific requirements. We specialize in custom acrylic fabrication and work with various acrylic and plastic products to create shelves, showcases and other display components. We use clear, frosted, green-edge, and satinice color acrylic finishes…


Cable/Rod Suspension Hardware:

Ready-to-Go Shelf Display Kits:

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