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Clearance and Overstock Store — SAVE BIG on Excess Inventory & Great Deals

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Clearance and Overstock Store /


The Clearance and Overstock Store provides you with a chance to save big on cable/rod display hardware, sign standoffs, panels supports, and cable/rod display acrylic accessories. Please note that items listed on “clearance and overstock” section of our store are available for online purchase only. No phone or other purchase options are available at this time. You can purchase our overstock product by creating and managing your personal account online or simply checking out as a guest. Overstock items are available only in limited selections and quantities. Once sold out, these items will not be available at the same discounted price. All clearance and overstock liquidation prices represent savings from original prices.

Cable/Rod Display Hardware

Shop for cable/rod display components and mounting hardware such as ceiling/wall anchors, panel supports, shelf supports…

Sign Standoffs and Panel Supports

Shop for sign and pane mounting hardware such as standoffs, spacers, projecting standoffs, edge-grip supports, screw caps…

Accessories for Cable/Rod Displays

Shop for cable/rod display acrylic and glass accessories such as LED light frames, poster holders, literature holders, showcases…

Acrylic Accessories for Standoff Systems

Shop for acrylic and glass accessories for standoff systems such as poster frames, dispensers, logo panels, and sign blanks…

Miscellaneous Items

Shop for other miscellaneous products such as acrylic merchandise displays, cleaning kits, hardware, and signware accessories…

Blemished Items

Shop for bargain deals for slightly imperfect items such as scratch or dent sign standoffs, cable/rod components, accessories…

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  • To purchase standard/stock components, display kits, and accessories for your display project visit our web store:
  • If you have special requests or require help with a custom design or fabrication, please contact us.
  • If you have any suggestions or would like to send your feedback, please fill out the form here.
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